Thursday, November 15, 2007

Why Add Streaming Audio To Your Website##

If you have a message you need to get across streaming audio may be just what the doctor ordered. Your website will almost always convert better with audio buttons. Almost any survey you see posted on websites will state that adding audio to your website will increase sales and your conversion rate. There are many reasons to add streaming audio to your site. Some of the more common uses of audio on your website are as follows.

Speaker: Someone who needs to get their speeches or sermons heard would be advised to use the power of the Internet to get their message across. Your voice will be heard all around the world.

Musician: A local band does not have to stay local in this day and age. The dream of many musicians is to be able to make a living with their music. This dream is now possible; you can have fans from all over with the power of the Internet.

Businessman: Local Businessmen can share their product and sales pitch from their own office any time day or night. Your product can sell itself while you are home asleep or taking the day off at the beach.

Internet Marketer: The guys selling products on the web can increase their conversion rate with streaming audio. Audio books or Ebooks read aloud into a microphone are all the rage at the moment.

You want to go to the trouble of learning to add audio to your website because you will soon be recognized as someone who knows what is going on in your chosen field. When the person visiting your site hits the play button you will be an expert in their eyes and treated with respect as an expert in your field Some people can get a website up and running with text and a few images. It takes a little more effort to add streaming audio to your site.

How do you add streaming audio to your website you may be asking. It really is quite simple.

Record the audio you want to put on your website.
Edit the audio
Convert the audio into the correct format using one of the popular programs
Copy and paste the code your program gives you into your web page.
Upload your web page and audio buttons onto your server.

Streaming audio is not that hard to get up on your website. The software available today makes this process easy to master. Look around the Internet, pick out a good tutorial website and get your streaming audio up on your site today.

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