Monday, November 26, 2007

The Data Recovery Software – Merits and Limitations*

Future is unforeseen and contingencies must be provided for. This holds true for every aspect of life. Be it an individual who uses computer for personal use having useful data or a large organization where a load of data is stored in the database, protection again the unexpected loss of data should be ensured. If your computer gives in to an accidental crash or just becomes affected by worms, viruses and Trojan, and you haven’t got a backup for your data, how are you going to make up for the loss? There are so many important files and folders containing critical data stored in your computer that you have complied painstakingly over a couple of years and all of a sudden the heaven will come crashing down on you as you find they are gone!!! Having Data Recovery Software helps!!!

How Does This Work?

When the data from your computer is deleted accidentally, it moves from the hard drive to some other area of your computer. The data recovery software is able to trace and retrieve such data from the locations. However, if the data is related to the some of the files which you were working on and could not save before your computer crashes, the data recovery software can not retrieve such data. Hence, the data recovery software is effective only if you have lost the previously saved files.


Data recovery software helps you retrieve your data from the hard drive successfully saving you from lots of remorse. From a big organization standpoint, loss of data could be extremely serious and the future of the organization could be at stake. Deployment of Data Recovery software, therefore, is only inevitable for any organization and individual that wishes to secure their data against accidental hazards.


To begin with the process of data recovery is an expensive affair. You will need to go for the help of expert assistance who will work on your hard drive within a clean room in a dust-free environ. The data recovery specialists also use precise instrument and try to extract as much information as they can from your hard drive. Hence, it is a time-consuming process and cannot solve your purpose if you are in immediate need of the lost data.

The other aspect of data recover software is that it is usually very task specific and not equipped with the ability to retrieve data from all kinds of data loss. For instance, while some data recovery software is able to retrieve emails that you have lost in a computer crash, some are handy in find you back your passwords which were critical to financial and bank transactions. However, some comprehensive data recovery software can serve all your purposes although they cost high. Therefore, it is up to your specific needs as to what sort of security you are looking at.

Although, data recovery software is able to retrieve your lost data, but it is always wise to ensure proper and comprehensive back-up of your data as you might need them to be used for immediate purpose.

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