Monday, November 26, 2007

SSL certificate is a must have for e-commerce web site.*

SSL is an acronym for secure socket layer and it is the standard of security technology that establishes an encrypted connection between a web server and a web browser. SSL certificate avouches that the information that is being transferred between the web server and web browser remains private and what is more important secure.

Ecommerce web sites present exciting opportunities but at the same time, nowadays a lot of Internet users facing security issues and are concerned about integrity of their private data, especially about their payment details as there are a lot of risks associated with on-line transactions.

SSL will help you to realistically build a solid level of confidence, your customers and web site visitors will rely on SSL authentication mechanism while seeing the golden secure padlock that is realized by millions of users. Realize the benefits of on-line commerce and get comprehensive and competitive advantage by securing your web site.
SSL certificate can either be purchased from the official certificate vendors or can be provided to you by your web hosting provider.

Web server executes SSL transactions with a couple of keys: private key and public key. The encryption using the pair of keys ensures that data can be encrypted by one of the key but can only be decrypted by the other key pair.

Normally SSL certificate will contain the following information about the owner of the certificate: the certificate’s holder name, issue and expiration date, the certificate serial number, digital signature

You may ask yourself why I need SSL certificate. SSL certificate is essential

if you have on-line store that accepts payments on-line;
if you ask your users or web site visitors to submit any confidential information like e-mail addresses or their land address;
if you process any private data (for example logins and passwords);
if you share important business information between offices and business structures.

There are 2 types of SSL certificates: dedicated SSL certificate that you may obtain from official certificate vendors and shared SSL certificate that web hosting provider offers you for free along with the web hosting services.

Certainly there are advantages and disadvantages using both dedicated and shared certificated.

Dedicated SSL certificate certainly looks more professional, it gives trust to your web site visitors and potential buyers of your e-shop. Dedicated certificate also shows that it is issued in your name and is dedicated to your web site.

Shared certificates is easy to install, they are free and saves you money by reducing costs of maintaining your e-store. They work great and do not pop up with any warnings about SSL not matching the domain name.

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