Wednesday, November 21, 2007

#-Free Advertising – If It Is Really Free - Can It Have Any Real Value?

The real question is how to utilize the free classified ads to make a profit without being overloaded with the e-mail confirmations you will receive when you post the free ads. With these confirmations will come advertisements, which is how those organizations still make money providing a site for your free classified ads.

You certainly will want to quickly delete all the many confirmations you will receive. Also, your e-mail will be stripped from your online ads and you will receive junk mail which you may be able to turn into an opportunity. Respond with your own ad and ask them for more information.

I didn't believe there could really be any free ads, and even if they were free, would they actually have any real worthwhile value? When you Google free ads you will be surprised, as I was when I did, at the variety of free advertising available.

You have one line ads, classified ads, ads for cars, business opportunities, jobs, whatever you are selling. There is actually every subject imaginable.

The many sites offering free advertising are making money a variety of ways. Some offer the free ads with a limited exposure or limited features and options. Often these free ads will run for free for 30 days. Then you have to start paying for them.

In other cases paid display advertising is along side your free classified advertising.

The idea is that everyone is doing it for the money. So, free advertising is free long enough or generates enough traffic for you to make some money. Then, when you want to expand the amount of money you want to make by expanding your advertising exposure to generate even more buying traffic, you have to pay for greater exposure.

What could be more perfect that proving without any risk on your part that this particular source of advertising or your particular ad content will actually pull enough traffic to make a profit? A free test before buying. You limit your risk of getting started, so therefore you are eager to try out the advertising source. This is a win-win for you and the site you are advertising on.

Many of these free advertising sites also offer affiliate programs where you get paid for driving traffic to their sites when those free advertisers start buying ads for more exposure and more profitable sales.

Free they are, and certainly they are worth it because trying before buying is always a smart move, a great way to build trust.

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