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Looking to buy a website for sale? FREE advice on starting a new online business


So how easy is it to run an online business and make money from it?
Like any other business starting from scratch it takes motivation, ambition and the will to be successful. Nothing will happen overnight, if it was that easy everyone would be doing it.
If you are under the illusion that you can make a success overnight then setting up an online business is not for you.
If you have the drive to start out with nothing and make something of it then you’re the right person for the job.
Buying a website business is just a small investment compared to what you can achieve on the Internet. We have all heard of the stories of people setting up websites and within 2 years they sell it for millions, well these things do happen and will continue to happen, although not everyone can be that lucky but an average successful online business can be worth thousands in a couple of years, so with lots of hard work it’s a worth while investment. Most people don’t just stop at one business they buy others and keep expanding into different markets.

How much money can I make on the Internet?
How long is a piece of string? That question is hard to answer, I mean we all start of with nothing that’s a fact and what we end up making in two or three months time, can be so different and depending on what your selling or providing on the internet this makes a big difference to turnover. The only answer I can give to this question is, “What you put in to a business, you will get out of a business”, the harder you work at it, marketing, promoting & advertising the bigger the return, so if you just sit there and wait, who’s going to know you exist on the big world wide web.
Think about it this way, would you open a shop in a back street with no window display, no shop sign and no advertising, you may get the odd person accidental walking passed and looking in, just like the internet, but that’s not going to make you a living, you will be bust in no time.
The best thing about the Internet is the cost of setting up an online business is far cheaper than your high street shop; think of the expense there.
For a small investment you can get a big return, but you do have to remember there maybe some marketing cost.

How do I advertise & market my business?
There is really only three ways of doing this,

1. Investing lots of money in to advertising and marketing.
Means investing quite a lot of your savings in to advertising and marketing through paid adverts on popular sites, marketing using SEO’s search engine optimisation companies who will use clever tried and tested methods to get you up the google ranks as quick as possible. This method is the faster track to seeing a return for your money, but initially will hurt your pocket, but still 10 times cheaper than opening a shop on a high street, so worth thinking about.

2. On a small budget for advertising and marketing.
Doing the same as number 1 but on a smaller budget. Maybe not using the most popular sites to advertise on as they cost more, use the less popular sites but have more adverting space, a popular option on this budget is Google Adwords, paid sponsored advertising on the Google results page fixed to a daily budget.

3. Free advertising and marketing.
Paying absolutely nothing for advertising and marketing is possible. This method can work and is the most popular form of advertising and marketing on the Internet today, but how is it done? Well it takes a long time to have an affect and you need to keep up consistency. Unfortunately we cannot reveal what methods we recommend as this advice only comes with the purchase of one of our website businesses, we see this has some value, secrets and hints and tips way of doing things that are not difficult to implement and are effective. But we must say, slow it maybe, but it’s free and does work.

When we sell a business we are always there to help and give advice, we don’t just sell businesses we are website designers who specialise in designing and building website businesses online, so we know what’s hot and what’s not.
What type of business you want to run is up to you, we can set you up with a drop ship website selling Lingerie for only £395 or why not try one of our Triffiliate websites (Google, eBay, affiliate commissions) for only £99

What’s included with one of your website businesses
Unless otherwise stated, we normally include a FREE domain name registered to you, 12 months professional business hosting paid for the first twelve months; this usually cost £39.90 per year to continue after twelve months.
Also you have full control over your website from a hosting control area where you can create and retrieve personalised to your website domain email, e.g.
Some of our website businesses have their own website administration area, this is where you control stock uploads, editing/deleting products and other features of your site.

What other running costs are involved?
None unless you want to include advertising and marketing, but other than that £39.90 a year for hosting (first year included in the purchase price) and £12.00 to renew registration of your domain every two years.
Oh yes there is one other thing, electricity costs to run your computer!!!

Do I need to be a computer expert to run a business online?
If you are reading this then you know how to use a computer, you don’t need big qualifications or lots of knowledge, just basic knowledge to do this, just a good understanding of how the internet works and be able to use email services and use general software such as a photo package for manipulating image sizes from your cameras/internet pictures to your computer as most of the drop ship businesses involve uploading pictures of stock and filling in the descriptions and prices.

How do I get to the top of Google search results page?
This is a slow and very difficult thing to achieve, very few manage it, and most have been around on the Internet for a few years now so Google likes older more established sites especially when they are updated regularly.
Relevance of content is always something to remember, what you sell or do matters when Google’s robot is choosing who to show for a particular keyword, that brings me nicely to keywords, most of the time the keywords in your site are not the ones you put in the source code meta tags, it’s the actual source code itself, in the body code, Google reads these and considers the relevance of your site to the search keyword so getting your website text is important.
Choosing a good domain name is also important, but again we can only reveal so much to potential purchases of our businesses, all this information is worth a lot of money so its not just a business your buying its knowledge to.

Who are we ?
We are a professional website design company known as AGTC Business Websolutions Ltd and are Certified Corporate members of the British Web Design and Marketing Association. To qualify for this membership category our web site has been evaluated and the BWDMA have conducted an independent customer satisfaction survey of five clients. Additionally, we are committed to compliance with the BWDMA code of professional conduct including fair-trading and customer service issues.

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