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Increasing rate of unemployment is the major problem of increasing crime rate

In simple words an actor behavior that violates or breaches the rule of political, moral or criminal laws and is liable for punishment and public prosecution what are the basic reasons which make a people criminal? Increasing rate of Unemployment is the major problem of increasing crime rate. Consider a situation when the qualified young graduate remains unemployed for longer period after he completed his education. His family has lot of expectations from him and to satisfy their expectations, he can go up to any extent and cross any limit just in desire of small payment. At this stage, he is not in a position to make a correct decision between what is just and what is unjust, but he don’t want to miss any of the opportunity that life is giving him and in this feeling only he accepts those offers which can change his life and can break their social and moral ethics and they are ready to commit crimes, they are ready to kill a person, they are ready to accept any offer that can prove to be a earning money source for them. Domestic violence is another consequence of unemployment. It may even result in aggression and or murder. And this major unemployed segment of society is the main source for crime. No criminal is by birth a criminal but it is the circumstances which make him do it. But this problem is mainly associated with the developing countries. So what about developed countries? Do they not commit crimes? No they also commit crimes. Even the crime rate is higher in developed country like USA than other developed countries of the world.

High ambitions are also the one source for crime. A person who has high ambitions like if he wants to enjoy all the comforts of life or wants to achieve the high status in his life, he wanted to complete them at any cost and any unfair means to fulfill his wish. To make his wishes come true or to enjoy the luxuries of life he can come in the way of crime as this seems to be an easy mean to earn money for them and when they do crime for the first time then the ‘advantages’ of crime compel them to commit such acts
again and again and now if they want to come back they can’t be their way back to path of justice and honesty.

Technology Advancements are also one of the reasons for increasing of crime rate. This is because technology advancements have broadened the mind of people and they now can think better ways of committing crimes. Like most of the young person want to own and make use of highly sophisticated arms. And if they are not made available to them they think for different ways and professional criminal’s takes advantage of this. Technology advancements have now made the way of criminals much easier than before.

Does the rate of crime depend on whether or not people are allowed to carry a gun? According to some studies and some lawyers, the fact that people are allowed to carry guns might reduce the rate of crime.

According to National Crime Research Bureau of India, rape rate in India is just about 1.5 per 100,000, while it is about 32 per 100,000 in USA. These statistics (quoted from memory) are based on police reports. It used to be said that large number of rape cases must be going unreported in India. Data from 1992 and 1996 International Crime Surveys carried out by UNICRI, Rome confirms that India does indeed have one of the lowest rates of sexual incidents in the world. Indian police forces are among the most primitive and corrupt ones in the world. Judicial system is not much better USA is the richest country of the world. The police force of USA is equipped with the best possible equipment and is trained in the best possible manner. Americans take pride in their efficient judicial system. The natural question that comes to one’s mind is – in spite of undoubted superiority of US law enforcement system, why is it that woman are relatively much safer in India than in USA?

Punishment is supposed to be a deterrent’s to crime. It is supposed to instill a sense of fear would be criminal. Fear is undoubtedly a strong emotion. However, its efficacy in crime prevention is doubtful. Most states of the United States have capital punishment, while most European industrialized countries have abolished death penalty. Yet, the US has a murder rate about three times as high as most of Europe. In Canada, homicide rate per 100,000 populations fell from a peak of 3.09 in 1975, the year before the abolition of death penalty for murder, to 2.41 in 1980, and since then it has declined further. In 2002, 26 years after abolition, the homicide rate was 1.85 per 100,000 populations, 40 per cent lower than in 1975. In the first year of the new Millennium, 2000, Delhi had the highest crime rate in India. As opposed to the national crime rate of 176.7, the city’s rate was 2.3 times higher at 399. Which means that out of every one lakh people in Delhi, 399 were victims of crimes, according to the National Crime Records?

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