Friday, November 30, 2007

Discover How to Grow Your Business with Magnetic Advertising

The following ad was a very successful pay-per-click ad on Google in 2004 for a $500 training seminar.

"(Company name) Reps. Come see how I got 79 sign ups in 90 days without 'calling' anyone."

Here is what that ad really says: "I am an expert. I got 79 sign ups in 90 days. I can help you. This is EASY and FAST. I did it without calling anyone. You do not know how to do this. I can show you how and make your life easier. Let me ease your pain and help you sponsor more reps."

But here is the real kicker: these guys are charging $500-$1,000 to get access to this information, and people are just throwing money at them left and right. The only problem with their system is that it is NOT automated. It is a sales job, and takes too much time away from building their primary program.

You are probably struggling to get your prospects to hand over $100-$300 to get started in your business, yet these guys are making a fortune promoting a "how to" course that will show people how to build the floundering business you sold them in the first place!

Why? Because you are only providing a part of the solution the prospect is looking for when you are promoting your business with your current sales tools. You are leaving out the blue prints/system, so they are going somewhere else to buy that, and as you can see, people are willing to pay big bucks for it, VERY MAGNETIC!

Now we will look at the typical ad you see put out there by people who do not understand the psychology behind marketing yet. This is a real ad I pulled from Google: Breaking News (Company), Fastest Growing Team In (Company), Questions? Feel free to call me. www.(xxxxxxxx).com

What the ad really says: "Another company is launching. We have the best team. Call me."

What the average network marketer who reads that ad will think: "Another company is launching. Big deal I have already joined three start-ups in the past, and I am still broke. "Fastest growing team?" That is what we had last time. My team did not grow fast.

Call you with questions? Why so you can pitch me on your "big deal company." No, thanks, I already have one." Did it appeal in any way to the triggers people respond to? Nope! You have to think very carefully about the ads you write because you will get EXACTLY what you ask for!

Do you want to attract the bottom feeders looking for "quick and easy," or do you want to attract leaders who know there will be an investment of time, money, and effort involved.

These next few ads promote weakness and attract LAZY people. You will get a high response rate, but you are deceiving yourself.

"5x9 Matrix With Massive Spillover! Join Today for Only $20! We Do All the Selling For You!"

"New Company Launch! We Build One Leg for You! Grab Your Position Now!"

This next ad is SOOOOO BAD that I truly hope this person stumbles across my book. Use the "so what" rule and see what it reveals.

"MLM Business Opportunity, New Business with Great Products Dare to venture on a New Frontier."

And then there was: "Want a Marketing Miracle? Plug into Turnkey Global Marketing For Instant & Long-Lasting Success!

Instant and long-lasting? Right. This is the kind of junk you DO NOT want to advertise IF you want to attract real long-term leaders.

The next ad is a GOOD AD and variations of it have been used for two-three years now. The headline sorts people and grabs the type you want to hear from. Line two states a massive benefit/solves a problem.

The offer of the ad is a generic report. Lots of value. Provides the SOLUTION to a painful problem: Not enough reps.

"Attn: Hardworking Network Marketers. Add 20-30 People Per Week. 5 MLM Secrets Free Report."

People know if they are hardworkers or not, so only the people that know you have to work hard to be succcesful will contact you. The numbers in the ad are also very realistic and achievable. On top of that, the person realizes they will probably learn something beneficial from the free secrets and therefore they will be willing to contact you or go to your website.

It is my hope that, if you are not satisfied with your advertising results, you learned something very valuable about how to magnetically attract people to you through your advertising. Good Luck!

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