Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Ways To Create Profitable Info Products?

Information products such as eBooks, training courses and others have become substantial moneymakers for modern Internet infopreneurs. People today are hungry for all kinds of information and eager to download it for a reasonable price. Here are seven ways you can create info products and profit from selling them online.

1. Decide what information products to create

Start by doing some research online. Determine the best keyword that describe your product and determine its viability. Select products by determining niches that aren't being served by competitors. Look at the way successful info product marketer's package and sell their offerings. How are they priced? Choose a market with the best potential.

2. Determine the best way to produce it

Once you have made an informed decision regarding the type of product you want to offer, the next step is to produce it. Since most information products are primarily written materials, who will write it? If you think that you're not a good enough writer, it's easy to locate and hire professional freelance writers that can take your ideas and turn them into written materials. To find them, go online to sites like,, www.freelance or others. There are many to choose from. If you aren't up to snuff on desktop publishing software, you may also want to hire someone to help you with graphic design so that your product looks professional.

3. Choose a packaging method

Despite the fact that an information product is comprised mainly of written materials, audio recordings or audio/visual materials, you need to determine an attractive, eye-catching method of packaging it for delivery to buyers. Whether it's an eBook, a training Course or a written report, the product should be eye-catching. If you must, hire a graphic designer or someone expert at desktop publishing to do it for you.

4. Decide what it will sell for

The best way to determine what your selling price should be is to review similar products now for sale online and compare. You don't have to compare your product only with those for the same market. The size and type should be enough notwithstanding the subject matter. Keep in mind that most info products are somewhat price sensitive so don't set your price at the highest end of the spectrum. You can always upgrade it later.

5. Think about how to promote your product

There are many possible ways to promote your info product. You can build a website or blog for that specific purpose at very-low cost. Determine whether you will deliver the product as a download or if you prefer to sell it as a CD that can be shipped directly to buyers. Both methods are currently in use. When it comes to promotion, marketing skills are necessary and if this isn't already your forte, there is a lot of very-specific, detailed information available online at no cost. In addition to your own website, you can use press releases announcing your product's availability, write articles about your product and submit them to available article directories, or sell it through online bookstores and malls. For specific niche markets, consider a joint venture with owners of other nice-related products serving the same market segment. You can also promote it by submitting it to newsletters that are already established and through forums and discussion groups too.

6. Do market testing first

Do some market testing before you formally launch your product. This will tell you if there are little problems to work out. This can be as simple as asking five or six people whose opinion you value what they think about your product. Be sure to tell them to point out anything they don't like.

7. Protect your product by copyrighting it

Copyrighting an info product is not terribly complicated. There are complete and detailed instructions available on line along with the required form. It pays to protect what you've worked so diligently to create. Perhaps just as important, you'll be protecting your future profits from people who might like to copy them outright and divert sales into their own offers.

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