Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Exploiting Power through Spy Cameras!

Who does not want to be Big Brother? To become the all-seeing, controlling god of all? Well, maybe not "controlling god of everything" but being the all-seeing individual would be simply as commanding, don't you believe so? That may be one basis why there are several concerns with regards to utilizing hidden spy cameras, invasion of privacy being one of these. Power is always something that anyone abhors and, ironically, everybody likes. Spy cameras, while they are an advantage to a specific person, may be very destructive to the other. They can be a vital tool or something that would put you down.

There is this one circumstance involving a teacher who utilized a hidden camera disguised as a button to videotape naughty students in school. The students and their families have filed complaints against the mentioned teacher for "misusing her authority" and filming the students without their consent. Yes, it was illicit for the teacher to do it, but if we look at it the other direction, we could notice that what the teacher was practically doing was revealing these behavioral matters to the public so that they can be addressed appropriately. I am relatively sure that the Virginia Tech accident is still recent on everyone's minds. Such behavioral tendencies could have been detected beforehand and consequently prevented the tragedy from happening. If a concealed spy cam is what it takes to stop such tragic situations, then I would not mind teachers filming their students at school at all.

However, there are also a few who abuse the benefits of hidden video cameras. I would suppose everyone is aware of matters of outrageous demeanor caught on tape that are being utilized to blackmail an individual. Or those that blatantly invades someone's privacy as in placing concealed cameras in areas where surveillance is not important, like the bathroom or personal quarters for reasons of personal gratification or lascivious intent. Stalking utilizing spy video cameras is also another mode of abuse of this technology.

Still there is one thing that surprises me. A number of homeowners use nanny cameras to regulate their baby-sitters and house helpers while they are away. And these nannies aren't aware of the placement of the spy cam until they get caught performing some monkey business and dealt with about it. Still nobody seems to be complaining. If they get caught mistreating a child or doing something inappropriate, the issue of the nanny's right to privacy is never raised. It is because the owners possess the authority to do whatever they want to protect the family and the house helper did something incorrect.

Hence, when is the utilization of concealed surveillance cameras defensible and when is it not? Apparently, the thin red line dividing them is a lot thinner than we thought. When the individual utilizing the surveillance cam is in authority, its utilization is justified. Yet if choosing to use concealed spy cameras will make us more secured, then I am for it. Moreover, why would I be concerned about it when I am not doing anything that's against the rules or is morally incorrect? However, as long as they keep well behind the line, it would not be an issue.

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