Friday, November 23, 2007

A joint venture method works something like this!

Building a focused and interested list is undoubtedly a very positive way to drive traffic to your website. It is a proven aspect of marketing but building a list isn't always an easy task to accomplish.

Putting all your eggs in one basket so to speak isn't supposed to be the way to do business but in this case, it truly is. First, you should concentrate your marketing on building the list, and the rest of it will follow nicely once this is accomplished.

Using methods such as a self styled report or articles that you can convert into a report, you may build a nicely written squeeze page that you can use to bring in the reader and sign them onto your lists.

Joint venturing is also a method which will build the list a great deal more rapidly than other methods. Approaching a business owner or even a competitor who has a similar business as yours, or is in some way related to what you are trying to promote is a good place to start.

Ask them outright to consider working with you to build traffic to both your lists and suggest further that by the use of a seminar or a tele-seminar, you may be able to add numbers to both the lists effectively and at reasonable costs.

A joint venture method works something like this. For instance, you consult in photography and the other team sells high-end paper or top notch photography printers or laminating machinery.

In this case, you might do a seminar together where you discuss ways to go about getting the desired photo shot in various lighting while they would bring up other aspects of the photographic field such as how to print the photos and what lamination would do toward protecting the photos once they are taken and printed.

You then cross market to each others lists which will yield results for both of you.Co-registration services are available which will help you to build your list in a fairly rapid time span.

These are paid services, which will work much more quickly than some of the others but will in fact charge a fee for that service. The amount will vary depending on how many users you want to gain each month and how much you can afford to make that happen.Other types, which are free services, will charge you something but it isn't usually funding.

Instead your website will advertise for them on your web site permitting pop-up ads to appear or pop under (as this is the more popular one being used).

Any of these methods have advantages and will help any list to grow. Some, particularly those with advertising on your website, will have drawbacks as well. However, the overall cost is probably worth the effect you get when your list blossoms overnight.

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