Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Executive MBA

Pepperdine's Executive MBA program is one of the top-ranked programs in the nation. This 20 month program was designed specifically for training and developing middle management with special focus on leadership, strategy, and ethics. The Executive MBA program helps to build strong management professionals by teaching different approaches to the problems faced by management. By choosing the Executive MBA program at Pepperdine, you are ensuring that you are receiving the highest quality education from the top professionals in the field. At Pepperdine we are committed to helping you build the skills you'll need to succeed in any real world management position.

Our Executive MBA program offers a comprehensive curriculum targeted at helping you develop highly specialized management skills. By offering our programs in a setting that involves small groups and a lot of one-on-one instruction we can ensure that each of our students is treated as an important individual. The Executive MBA program aims to teach a number of skills including how to manage and motivate staff in all working environments regardless of complexity. Moreover, students of the Fulltime MBA program at Pepperdine will also be equipped with the skills necessary to analyze and apply various kinds of economic, management, and institutional information including the skills necessary to read economic trends both locally and globally. Strategic management skills are also taught under this program to enable our students to make and implement strategic decisions based on strategic leadership.

One of the great benefits of the Executive MBA program is that you will have an opportunity to experience our cohort format. This means that your small group of classmates will continue to work together for the entirety of the 20 month program. The benefits of such a format are many. First of all, you have a chance to build solid working relationships with other would be executives. Secondly, because the class sizes are so small, you have the chance to work with your classmates so that you can benefit from their strengths and they can benefit from yours. Finally, you will have the chance to form close, personal relationships with your classmates so that you will have an overall more enjoyable experience as a Pepperdine Executive MBA student.

The curriculum of our Executive MBA program takes a multifaceted approach so that you can learn a variety of leadership skills and competencies that can easily be applied to a variety of working environments. Moreover, you will have the opportunity to develop various analytical tools as well as the knowledge you will need to implement these tools. Ultimately, the goal of our Executive MBA program is to provide our students with a broad array of management tools as well as the skills to put these tools into practice.

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