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###1What Every Woman Ought to Know to Have Healthy, Natural, Drug-Free Fertility and Menstruation

What Every Woman Ought to Know to Have Healthy, Natural, Effortless, Drug-Free Fertility and

Treatment vs. Healing

Women with menstrual and gynecological problems often find that they do not receive optimal nurture from the present health care system. When a woman walks into a doctor’s office, the treatments offered to her—usually pills or surgery--are aimed at masking, or removing altogether, her natural hormonal function, instead of nurturing and healing it. She will see a professional for approximately 15 minutes. 90% of the time she will not understand the treatments or tests she is given. Little attention is paid to her diet, lifestyle, or emotional and environmental shifts in her life.

In addition, many women find that conventional medicine does not actually heal them. They are told that their problem, such as PCOS, is incurable. Or the medication they take only masks their symptoms. They end up having ongoing problems with their periods and recurrent gynecological disorders because they are not fundamentally healing the imbalances in their reproductive organs and endocrine systems that are causing the symptoms in the first place.


Imagine you are a woman suffering from a hormonal imbalance. Your health concerns may include irregular and painful periods, PMS, polycystic ovarian syndrome, infertility, endometriosis, uterine fibroids, or pelvic inflammatory disease. Imagine that the place you go for treatment is a warm home environment, and you are greeted with a welcoming smile or embrace at the door. Your health care provider gives you a comfortable seat and offers you a cup of delicious tea.

For a full hour you speak with her about your health concerns, family, work, relationships, food, exercise, rest, creativity, and pleasure. You discuss what strategies are working for you and where you need support for your health. At the end of your session, she recommends medicinal foods and self-care practices to help you heal your body in the coming weeks. Then she gives you a relaxing shoulder massage and invites you to a women’s health community event that will include nutritional information, meditation, massage, and a cooking class. You leave feeling relaxed, empowered, and optimistic. After a few weeks to a few months of this kind of care, your body begins to heal itself from the inside out.
Healing at the Root of the Problem

Laughing Sage Wellness offers a revolutionary new model of hormonal health support for women. Our holistic health group pairs clients with insightful and compassionate counselors who are trained experts in holistic nutrition and the medicinal use of food to heal imbalances in the reproductive organs and endocrine systems—the source of hormonal health problems.

Our clients are empowered to connect with and become knowledgeable about their own bodies and to take charge of their own healing processes. They learn about hormonal function, the biochemical impact of food on the body, and the energetic issues associated with women’s health problems. In addition to receiving individually tailored diet recommendations, clients are coached on improving relationships, creativity, exercise, and spirituality as a means of creating more support and nurturing energy in their lives. Laughing Sage Wellness also runs workshops on nutrition and intimacy, meditation classes, and cooking classes.

A woman’s health is so much about her relationship to herself and her understanding of her own cycles and rhythms. We hope to see more women stand up for a more humane, nurturing, and empowering approach to women’s health care.

About Alisa

Laughing Sage Wellness Group was founded by Alisa Vitti, a Certified Holistic Health Counselor (AADP). Alisa is committed to empowering clients to reconnect with the wisdom of their bodies. She received degrees from Johns Hopkins University and the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. She has taught at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and lectures regularly at Beth Israel Medical Practices and Westerly Health Foods in Manhattan. She travels nationally, reaching out to women who are ready to create vibrant health and amazing futures for themselves. She specializes in the areas of reproductive and hormonal health and creating real intimacy in relationships.

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