Monday, November 19, 2007

Statistics in the International Comparison!!

Statistic data are applied in international comparison while absolutely slighting vital national differences. The idea that facts collected in the same way in different states and that deductions may be made from them in the same fashion is totally a misleading idea. An example of this is a pamphlet “Individual Property Rights and Conceptions of Privacy in the Family” grounded on a research of the incomes of the household of 107 couples that live in Geneva carried out in 1983-1984. It is not so much that notions of Swede of property rights may not be applied for the United Kingdom; it is rather the suppositions in the document concerning the class system that minimizes its international value. The work includes a category of couples that are described as lower middle class because of their low incomes, and another one of professionals who are considered to have high income. The deductions made by this type of research slide all too easily into articles that are devoted to England and become proof for someone’s opinion, until one becomes aware that such notions as professional a high income are not the synonyms in this state, and consequently, the disposition of money practices can not be drawn up into line.

Taking a research that has been used for another society is perilous because there are differences between cultures which can not be slighted, and if it is slighted it will be extremely difficult to make a correct conclusion. However, in the opinion of Ruth Deech researches which are based empirically may help to understand the role of law for people and may aid in the educating of students studying law and other disciplines by providing a bright picture of the corner of the law. But doubts may appear in connection with the profit and objectivity of the facts collected expressly to improve new theories of social scientists or to convince policy-makers and practitioners.

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