Friday, November 16, 2007

Motorola And Other Cellphone Company Plans

Cingular Wireless - all quad-band phones purchased from Cingular work in Greece (and all other countries using GSM, which is the vast majority). For example, you could purchase a Motorola Razor V3 (currently available with a new agreement on-line for $29.99) and it will work in Greece. Cingular has three roaming partners in Greece - Cosmote, Vodafone and TIM.

Voice and Data and 2-way text messaging throughout the country. If she will be in Athens, for example, there is very solid coverage. Cingular also offers Go-Phone international, which allows you to purchase international minutes without commitment. Rates for international minutes used in Greece are $2.29 per minute. You would need a Cingular Go-Phone (prices range from $29.99 to $99.99).

The cost of a 1-minute call (whether made or received) is $1.29. A text message sent is $0.50. You will, of course, also have to have a standard rate plan with Cingular ($39.99 for 450 minutes - these are minutes that only count within the US, all the minutes used outside the US are charged, as mentioned above). Be sure to request international roaming is added to the account. Also, there is a 90-day waiting period, typically, so be sure to get your service soon.

T-Mobile offers international roaming in Greece also and any quad-band T-Mobile phone will work there, as well. The cost per minute with T-Mobile is $1.49. T-Mobile has very similar coverage in Athens. They also have international text messaging at a lower cost than Cingular - $0.35 to send and $0.10 to receive. You can also have it pull from a bucket of messages (separate messaging plans). As with Cingular, you will need a standard rate plan from T-Mobile (similar costs).

Verizon Wireless also has roaming in Greece. You must purchase or rent one of their Global Phones since Greece only has GSM coverage (versus CDMA). There is one Motorola phone and two Samsung phones available. Prices for purchase are around $300.00. Costs for a 1-minute call while in Greece are $1.29 per minute. International text messaging is $.50 for sent text messages and $0.05 for received text messages. If you rent a Global phone, the rate is $3.99 per day and $1.49 for minute for usage.

With Sprint/Nextel, you would need a Nextel phone capable of working on the GSM network in Greece. There are about 4 models available including the i930 and V180 from Motorola. Calls are $1.29 per minute. International rentals are available for $45 per week (or $67 for a month and other rates for different periods of time). Calls are the same as above, $1.29 per minute. International text messages are $0.15 per message sent or received. Coverage is very similar to all three of the providers listed above.

If you don't currently have a cell phone plan for your daughter and only want the service while she is in Greece, you may want to consider Cingular's International Go-Phone or Verizon or Sprint's rental program. If you currently have a phone for her on the T-Mobile or Cingular network, then you may want to verify that it is a quad-band phone and if so, then just add international roaming and/or text messaging and know that it will cost you the per minute charge while she is in Greece.

I'm a big believer in not messing with cell phones, as it relates to trying to fix them. If the dial pad is not working, it sounds like something is connecting properly and it needs to be fixed. If you bought your phone through a wireless provider like Sprint, Verizon, Cingular or T-Mobile, you can send it in for a warranty/exchange if you bought the phone less than 12 months ago.

If you have had it longer than 12 months, but less than 24 months, you may want to try to get it repaired by Motorola. If it is over 24 months, I would suggest replacing it, since you would be eligible for a replacement after 24 months.

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