Sunday, November 18, 2007

A Helpful Process Towards Becoming a Vegetarian!!

becoming a vegetarian. By eliminating meat from your diet, and reducing the amount of other animal products that you consume, you can improve you overall health.

A vegetarian diet offers you the potential to reduce blood pressure, lower cholesterol and improve cardiovascular health. You can also enjoy a more efficient digestive system and achieve a healthier weight. These benefits are possible on a vegetarian diet if you eat correctly.

If you are interested in the benefits available from a vegetarian diet but you are unsure about the right way to go about eliminating meat from your diet, there are a few helpful steps included here. You will have a more comfortable transition if you make the switch gradually.

1. Evaluate your Current Diet

If you are considering significantly changing your diet, it is helpful to first understand how you are currently eating. If, for example, you are eating large amounts of protein currently, you will need to take that into account as you switch to a vegetarian regime. Be aware of that it can be more difficult to get protein from a vegetarian diet than from a diet that includes a significant amount of meat. If you eat three or more servings of meat per day, you may need to start out your vegetarian diet by eating three or more servings of other protein every day. If you were to simply cut the meat from your diet, your body could suffer from an abrupt transition. It could be shocked by its sudden lack in resources to which it become accustomed.

2. Talk to Your Doctor

It is a good idea to discuss your diet change with your personal physician. Talk to him about your current eating style and ask about the best replacement proteins available within a healthy vegetarian diet. Some examples of direct replacements include veggie burgers for hamburgers and soy hot dogs for meat franks. These things are not in themselves sufficient to fill out your diet. Your doctor will be able to explain how to ensure that you are choosing complete protein foods. Beans, nuts and seafood are all good foods to replace meats.

3. Start the Cooking Crossover

Before you completely eliminate meat from your diet, start replacing one meal a day with a vegetarian dish. This way you will learn the art of vegetarian cooking gradually. Once you have a strong base in meals that you enjoy, you can start replacing more animal products with plant products. While you may feel impatient with the slow start to your new diet, soon you will be eating vegetarian foods all the time. The important thing to keep in mind is the gradual shift so as not to shock your system.

Becoming a vegetarian is a good idea for many people who are concerned with their health. Not everyone is satisfied with meat alternatives, though. By gradually switching from a meat diet to a vegetarian diet you will increase your chances for success. You will also be able to take your time in getting used to a whole new world of food.

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