Saturday, November 17, 2007

Image and Links!!!

When you make an image process of web design as a hyperlink, you will notice that the image gets a blue color border around it. The border ctually signifies that the image is now a hyperlink. You can remove this border in case it does not blend with your design. For this you need to use the attribute BORDER along with the IMG tag. BORDER=0 will hide the image border Completely. You can can give 1 or other greater than 0 to increase the border size.

A popular use of images as hyperlinks is by them as navigation icons. They are easy fo interpret and user friendly. As you browse on the Web you will come cross many sites using images in the navigating bar. You will also notice that usually the navigation bar is either placed to the left of the screen, the top or the bottom .Though this factor is totally dependent on your Web site design.

The Alternative Tag for Images
Embedding images into Web designed pages is fine as long as the viewer is using a graphical browser to view your Web pages. In that case the user will be unable to view the images that you have have incorporated. .You can solve this problem by using the ALT attribute along with theIMG tag Using this tag you can give a meaningful description of your image It can also be very helpful for those users who have their graphics view of unselected in their graphic based browsers.

Using Image as Background

In the last section you read about the use of colors to give background to the Web page. You can also use an image as the background for the page .The browser tiles this background images on to your page. You can make your own background image or careful of the smoothness of the image, in terms of its edges so that when a viewe sees the image it appears as one smooth image.

To insert this image your background you need to include the BACKGROUND
attribute in to your BODY element.

Some Useful Tips for Using Images on the Web

While designing a Web page it is very important for to remember that all viewer of your Web page will not page will not be using graphical browsers. This means that you have to balance your page very well in terms of the graphics that you use .There is no doubt that graphics add to the attractiveness of a page but then the practical sideof vast number of user with range of browsers should not be ignored. This becomes all the more important when you create graphics for your Web page. In this section, you will read about some useful tips and tricks
involved in web designing and image embedding.

Displaying Images with Height and Width Dimensions

Specifying the image height and width dimension helps the image in displaying
faster on to the browser. If you don’t give the height and width dimension of the
image then the browser displays the entire,image. It first finds out the height and width of the image and only then begins to display

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