Thursday, November 22, 2007

Discover the fun on Youpark mobile, anytime anywhere!!

Mobile phone has become tightly integrated into our lives. It has turned into one of the most intimate and emotionally engaged object. On-Device Portal is the best way that establishes a direct relationship with the consumer in the mobile environment.

On Device Portal is a downloadable, handset-based portal that provides mobile consumers with focused and immediate access to rich mobile content, value-added services, news, horoscope and much more. On-Device Portals can be personalized to the interests and needs of the mobile consumer and it is automatically updated each time that customer launches the portal from their handset.

Youpark has launched its On Device Portal called as Youpark mobile. Youpark mobile is mobile software application that keeps the customers connected with the latest news, entertains them with daily horoscope and provides them an easy access to browse and experience free applications and games from their mobile device, anytime anywhere.

Youpark mobile is available in various titles of Series 60, Series 40, Pocket PC and Smartphone. You can either download the free mobile application and games directly on your device through GPRS or download it from the link sent on your email.

Youpark mobile has the ability to evolve with the user, by providing a “one click icon” on the mobile desktop that gives the consumer a feeling that they can browse around and look for mobile content at their leisure. Reach out for Youpark mobile and enjoy on-device mobile content with a fresh, fast, more intuitive and appealing experien

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