Sunday, November 4, 2007

What is Blog?

Blog is actually short form for web log and then it was coined as “weblog” by Jorn Barger in 1997. It was until 1999 that the term “blog” got its popularity as both a noun and verb by Peter Merholz who broke “weblog” into we blog at his blog

Then blog usage spread like wildfire starting 1999 and with the evolution of tools available to the large and less technical public, the blogging community escalates to an enormous number. This is shown by Technorati (blog search engine) was tracking more than 106 million blogs until September 2007.

Many blogs share a common function as a textual personal online diary where you can post on an ongoing basis. Then your visitors can read your post and they can comment on the posts or even email you.

With that function, blog can be your place to make friends who share the same interest as yours. This is because when your visitors comments on your blog, they are actually responding to you. You can nurture a friendship out of it when you respond back. And as this grows, you will have your own private space to share ideas, news, supports and links with them. You might even be exposing to some new ground. Isn’t that cool?

Most of the blogging directories offer you the ability to search for blogger and blogs that have the same interests as yours. You can also list your own interests, blogs and profile so that others can find you .Then you can expand your social network and have fun with others.

So now, you might be interested to get your feet wet in blogging but you might also be thinking how to make your blogs “shine”. Just to let you know, most of the blogging directories nowadays allow you to design your blog. They have different templates for you to choose from and you can do it without any knowledge of HTML but of course if you want to edit your blog with HTML, you are also free to do it.

Don’t like the color of your blog? Easy. Just click and change it. With a few clicks and you can have your prefer color as your blog and you can see the changes almost immediately. Best of all you can change it again when you are tired of the same color. You can do the same with the fonts on your post. You can even have a post of different font in different color and different pattern. Remember, you own the blog, and this is something you can make it PERSONAL. With these and more features, you can have a blog that totally belong to you and show the real you.

Lastly, you can only experience the fun and excitement in blogging is to start your own blog. So just do a search online and you will find different blogging directories which allow you to create your blog with them.

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