Thursday, November 8, 2007

Victoria Beckham has a 23-inch waist

LOS ANGELES - On Thursday night, Victoria “Posh Spice” Beckham makes her “Ugly Betty” debut, playing herself.

Beckham plays the thunder-stealing Spice Girl at Wilhelmina Slater’s (Vanessa Williams) wedding party.

According to “Ugly Betty” costume designer Eduardo Castro, Posh arrived to the set solo — without an entourage — and brought Castro options from her own closet.

“A lot of the shoes were her own,” Castro told “Access Hollywood.” “She had a lot of Jimmy Choos.”

Beckham brought much more than shoes though.

“She brought sunglasses, she brought a belt,” he said. “We were both on the same page. It just worked really well.”

Castro revealed he discovered the Spice Girl has a tiny mid-section.

“Her waist was around 23 inches, which is very, very tiny,” he said.

Vera Wang, who also makes a cameo, designed Victoria’s skin-tight silver bridesmaid gown.

“It is just a really simple wrap and we added the little vintage pin,” he said. “She just tried it on and that was it.”

During the episode, after being shown up by Beckham, Wilhelmina (Williams) demands she slip on a pair of flats and a dowdy dress. Posh, however, even made that look good, putting her own spin on the frumpy replacement.

“I pull it in at the waist. I make it shorter. I put great accessories and great shoes and upstage her even more so she locks me in a cupboard,” Posh revealed.

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