Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Spyware Killer

Do you think nothing of once a year spring cleaning your house? The folks in my street come spring are all out in abundance. They emerge to clean clogged gutters, repair broken fences, touch up paintworks and sometimes pop a few plants out the front. Inside is a hive of activity as well. Blinds are dusted, curtains washed, carpets cleaned, cutlery polish all to welcome spring.
Lurking in the corner you usually find a computer that is treated to a passing flick of the duster and perhaps a screen wipe or two.
There is a problem here. We are prepared to spring clean our houses once a year, inside and out but when it comes to our trusty computer, used each day, relied upon and deeply missed when not properly functioning we usually give it just a cursory dust.
Your computer can be the engine of your home, holding your financial records, favorite photos, letters and assorted information. Protecting that information requires more than a dust and a wipe it requires a spyware killer.
Spyware and adware can infect your computer without your knowledge causing a host of problems both short and long term. When you are spring cleaning your home add to your list to become a spyware killer. Start up the spyware removal software and do a scan of your computer and then repair and quarantine all viruses.
Spring clean your hard drive as well. It is often a good idea, especially on shared computers, to clear your cookies and delete all your temporary internet files. Really, they are just taking up space and it is good housekeeping to clear out on occasion
While you're cleaning up your hard drive and becoming a spyware killer you might like to have a look at those files stored. Are they needed, can they be backed up and transferred leaving more of your computer free? Or can some files be deleted.
If you are deleting files and want to sure that your data is permanently deleted you can install a data shredder. A data shredder is just another spyware killer tool. A data shredder operates in the same way as the normal paper shredder in your office does except it works on soft copies.
The great advantage of using a data shredder is if you make a mistake and shred the family history for instance it can be quickly and easily restored. If you haven't thought about a data shredder as part of your spyware killer strategy look at the downloads that are available on the internet for free.
Well I hope that you have enjoyed this article on becoming a spyware killer at your next spring clean.

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