Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Hard drive recovery technique

As the world progresses so the technology, we are relying on more and more on electronic media for secure storage of our important files. Storing of data is done on hard drive. Undisputedly, these hard drives fail which creates panic in the heart of human. As these data are worth mission of dollars. Some times the steps taken by the user to recover the data can cause damage to the drive.

If clicking or chucking sound is heard then it indicates that hard drive has suffered a physical damage. These sound is generally heard when the head crashes. It doesn’t necessary means the due to head crash sound is being emitted but may be due spindle stops spinning or there is something in the path of the spindle.

First and the foremost thing you should do is stop using the hard drive. The use of the hard drive may cause further damage and retrieving data will become difficult. It can damage the head of the drive completely and make the drive completely unrecoverable. One should understand that no data recovery software is going to recover the data from physically crashed hard drive.

The best way when the hard drive crash occur immediately shut down the system and consult data recovery service company to carry out the recovery. Although there are home made technique and chances of getting the data recovery is very slim. You can use the freezer technique. Freezer technique problem generally correct the spindle problem however condensation can cause irreparable damage. Data recovery Software Company doesn’t use these techniques to recover the data.

Data Recovery services company uses Class 100 Clean Room for hard drive recovery. They use indigenously designed tools for Single/Multiple Platter transplantation in case of spindle motor problems. Head transplant and Logic board repair are done in Clean Room to ensure maximum recovery success rate irrespective of the cause of the failure.

Stellar Information is one such data recovery service company which recovers data from virtually any kind of data loss situation from ay kind of logical crash due to accidental formatting, software malfunction, file/directory deletion, viruses or even sabotage, or due to accidental re-partitioning of physical media crash due head crash, spindle stop spinning, or PCB/Logic Board failure.

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