Sunday, November 11, 2007

Dog portrait: Man’s best friend on canvas#

Create a setting

You can have some of the most fabulous backgrounds to make your dog portrait look even more spectacular. If your dog’s fur is on the lighter color side, try having a darker colored background. You could have an old fashioned brown log house in the background of the oil painting replete with a nice well and lush green countryside! Or else you could ask your portrait artist to suggest what will look best.


You can also choose to edit portions of an existing photograph of your dog. This way you can erase out any imperfections. For example you may find that the eyes are not so perfect in the photo. You can ask the expert in the photography studio to correct these flaws using photo editing software. What’s more, you can easily use many of the freely available royalty free backgrounds for your dog portrait. These look fabulous and are categorized based on specific themes.

The final picture

If you want a certain look and theme to your dog portrait you can easily accomplish it these days. Using various photo editing tools you can erase paws, tail or parts of the dog you don’t want in the oil painting. You could even choose to do some research on the Internet to find out which pose looks best for your dog. What’s more, the final outcome maybe so good that it maybe a masterpiece suitable for decorating an art gallery!

Multiple colors

If you have many dogs and wish to put them all together in your dog portrait you need to balance the various colors of their furs. Try using a background which is contrasting to their colors. This will highlight their color much better against the background of the oil painting.

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