Tuesday, November 13, 2007


.Why should I use a pet stroller?

Pet strollers are ideal for carrying:

Older dog or cats that have problems walking because of arthritis

Dog or cats that have broken limbs

A pet to the vet

Small dogs that cannot walk long distances without becoming exhausted

A pet that is aggressive towards other animals

A cat that lives in a big city apartment and doesn't get out of the house much

Additionally, many people find that they are able to take their pets into places where they would normally be restricted if their pet is in a stroller.

2.How much do pet strollers cost?

The average pet stroller costs about $150. Prices range from less than $100 to several hundred dollars. Large strollers, jogging strollers, and bike trailers are typically more expensive.

3.Will my pet enjoy being strolled?

I've never met a dog that didn't like riding in a car and it's no different with pet strollers. Most dogs love strollers because they enjoy the physical and visual sensation of movement while they are sitting still. Some cats may be a little apprehensive at first about being strolled but most warm-up to the concept very quickly.

4.What should I consider when buying a pet stroller?

Weight Capacity: Different strollers have different weight capacities. Make sure you purchase a stroller that can support the weight of your dog or cat.

Pet Space: Certain strollers have more space for pets than others. Make sure you purchase a stroller that has enough space for your pet to site comfortably in.

Type of Stroller: There are several different types of pet strollers. Some are designed specifically for jogging, others are designed for long distance travel, and some come with detachable carriers for transporting your pet by hand over short distances. Make sure you purchase a stroller that best suits your needs.

Storage Capacity: Most strollers include pouches or trays for storing things like pet treats, water bottles, cell phones, keys, etc... Make sure you purchase a stroller with enough storage space.

Color: Pet strollers come in a wide variety of colors. Consider this before making your purchase.

Brand: Make sure you acquire a high quality stroller by buying a stroller from a reputable manufacturer or vendor.

5.What are the major pet stroller brands?

Petzip, Pet Gear, Kittywalk are the top three suppliers in the market offering a wide range of products. Burley and PetEgo both manufacture bike trailers for pets. Kynjen and Pet Valet each produce a small line of strollers. All of these vendors are legitimate, high quality suppliers with great products.

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rayter said...

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