Saturday, December 1, 2007

Dirt Cake:

This is a receipe which people mostly talk about at parties. Adults as well as children love this. So in this party season we present you the ways of making dirt cake.

1. a packet of cream cheese

2. a packet of softened cookies

3. 2 cups of powdered sugar

4. cold milk

5. cool whip

6. vanilla extract

7. 8" plastic flower pot

8. Silk flowers

9. knife and fork

Cool Whip in refrigerator. Blend cookies in food processor to make crumbs. Beat cream cheese and powdered sugar until creamy. Mix pudding and milk until thickened, fold in Cool Whip. Combine pudding mixture with cream cheese mixture. Add vanilla extract.

In the flowerpot, alternate layers of cookie crumbs and cake mixture. Top with layer of cookie crumbs. Put silk flowers in center to decorate. Cut it with knife and serve with the fork.

This is great fun for a party. It looks real and tastes delicious.

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