Sunday, December 16, 2007

Mapping the World Wide Web with Bid Web Directories

The Internet does not remain static and mundane. It has to have new offers and progressive updates otherwise the web users will get bored knowing there are no new things to look forward to in the World Wide Web. But the truth lies where steadfast at every clicking of the mouse. New things are always being cooked up in the internet realm, in fact, a new system of websites indexing has become a popular piece of conversation among those who are connected through the internet link and for those who are making great fortune through the endless sources of making money online like webmaster do. This new concept is called bid web directory.

This recent update in the indexing of websites has made internet surfing for leisure and information a lot easier and thus life in the web less tedious in general. The bidding web directory follows one simple rule and that is to list all the websites into categories and the related sub-categories for the sole purpose of making the website search basically easy and simple. Through this new concept, all the websites are linked comprehensively making the World Wide Web closer and broader. This is an ambitious deviation from the typical search engine system the internet has introduced first to enormous web users where the web pages are all displayed and presented according to keywords only. Although this old fashioned way has literally helped the web users with the information search, the bid directory idea will save the web users from delay. The web users will not be hassled with clicking a link and opening the website only to discover that the website does not complete all the needed information.

The categorization of the websites with the bidding directory will introduce the web users with the corresponding webpage description first so that he is aware of what the website offers in a nut shell. Being saved from this simple delay means surfing time at optimum speed and the information gathering is at the right pacing, significantly. Now that is what one will call web navigation at its finest. The web directory generally enhances the surfing time and the surfing quality as well. This optimum search facility, more over is readily accessible in the web directory.

In a time where the Internet has become ultimately accessible to everyone, parents are in great concern about the kind of websites are listed in the web directory knowing how some crap sites can influence their children. That situation is typical with the search engine system where the web sites are jammed up and are indexed just like that. And following the truth that this free, the entrance becomes easier all the more. The discretion as to what will be found in the web directory will just fall into the web users. But with new concept offered by the bid web directory, the websites must pay some rough amount to maintain their ranking in the web lists as a toll for the indexing and the chance to be connected with other featured links. This amount of bid ranking fee means that only the best of the best web sites are included in the directory and that simply means that crap sites and similar bogus links are discriminated away from the web users, our children in particular. After all, crap sites and bogus links webmasters will not pay some rough dough for the bid only to mislead the web users.

Moreover, those who are earning a fortune through the websites and information providers are also in favor of the new concept. The directory will normally display the top ten ranking websites which means these are the ten websites that will most likely receive frequent visits being recommended by the directory through the page rank. Web masters can participate in the arrangement of the web lists ranking. While the directory can start the bid with practically the lowest amount, the webmasters have the option as to how much are they willing to bid for the position. The number one rank goes to the highest bidder and follows the deductive hierarchy. Similar to the typical bidding rules, somebody can outbid your position and rob it away from you. But the good side of the web directory idea is that you can rebid once more and perhaps compensate and regain your post.

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