Thursday, December 6, 2007

Neapl News-Girl missing for over two weeks, cops clueless

Sabina Khaijyau, 17, of Katunje-2, Bhaktapur, has been missing from Srijananagar, Katunje-9, for over two weeks.
“She is a mental case,” Prem Khaijyau, father of Sabina, said, adding Sabina had gone to the house of Satya Shakti Maata in Shrijanagar with her sister on November 24. She visited Maata every day to get rid of her condition. As Sabina did not return home even after 4 pm, the Khaijyau family began making inquiries. Next day, the family members visited Satya Shakti Maata’s house. Maata’s disciples said Sabina will return.
Unable to find Sabina’s whereabouts in three days, the family reported the matter to police and Maiti Nepal. The parents demanded that police raid Maata’s house. The police raided the house, but failed to get clues about her whereabouts, Prem said.
Mathura Mohan Shrestha, president of the Satya Shakti Sewa Samiti, said the Samiti is unaware of the incident. Police said they are probing the case. Ratna Devi Bakhunche, alias Maata, has been living in Bhaktapur for three years. She claims she heals patients suffering from incurable diseases.

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