Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Graphic Design Firm And Graphic Design Service Fundamentals

Every graphic design firm needs to have set in place the graphic design fundamentals. These are proximity, shapes, color, consistency, texture, contrast, white space, alignment and balance.

Once these basic set skills are mastered, it is easy to be sure that the firm you have chosen is more than capable of providing you good high quality graphics that will convey your marketing message in such a way that the multitudes receive it in an interesting an creative as well as enjoyable way.

Lines of course are the marks that take up space and have shape. They are used to form the frames of the images and even the text. The proximity is how close or far apart objects are from each other. This is also known as the effective use of spacing. Shapes are the form of geometrical patterns that the images will be delivered in such as square, circles, rectangles, triangles, trapezoids, hexagons, pentagons, etc.

Color is the presence of varying hues and shades as light is reflected to the eye and can be very expressive.

Consistency in patterns means the symmetry of the design. Repeating symbols can give a higher perceived value because a stablished pattern is present to make a statement.

For instance, often, the back of the webpage of a minisite is the same text or image repeated consistently over and over to give the professional look and feel that is desired and to drive home the brand or company name as well.

Texture is the "feel" or "depth" that the design has and displays. How deep is an object. Does it appear multidimensional? How so? These are examples of texture. Contrast is the way that objects and colors, shapes and designs are strikingly different in look, feel and appearances.

White space is the effective use of using the normal default white space of the webpage for maximum effectiveness in expressing a particular quality. For instance, sometimes less is more. Alignment refers to the way in which the objects and designs are placed upon the page. Are they one after the other or are they all centered? Are they uniform and perfectly symmetrical or are they criss-crossed and staggered?

These refer to the way the objects are in position in relation to one another as a corporate body. Finally balance, is the way that the organization of images are in accordance to the copy and other objects on the webpage. The more balance and equal share of webspace, the more effective and clean is the expression of your message.

The effective uses of all of these core element fundamentals are tantamount in selecting the best graphic design firm to perform your graphic design services and give you the very best look and feel to your webpage as possible.

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