Wednesday, December 19, 2007

666 - The Beast Movies

Donald Lawson - the anti-Christ child has grown up and forgets all about his past. Donald is reminded of his old ways by his boss who is a devout follower of Evil. Donald's wife Kate is carrying the child who is deemed by prophecy to lead the battle against Evil. Will Kate and her seven clergies be able to fend off the Evil that has returned?

"666 - The Beast" is a horror movie that has been directed by Nick Everhart. The key characters of the movie are: Donald Lawson (Chad Mathews), Ashmed Chammadai (Amol Shah), Father Deacon Cain (Collin Brock), and Kate Lawson (Makinna Ridgeway). The story of the movie goes like this:

Kate is cautioned by her doctor sister Sarah about looking for a house while she was pregnant. After that she sees a dream in which someone gets pushed in front of a moving bus by a mysterious light. Sarah is shown screaming when she sees a dead body coming to life in a mortuary. Next morning she is found crucified to the wall by a Janitor. The church of Vatican sends Deacon Cain to her as the hour of prophecy had reached.

Meanwhile Kate's sister Sarah dies. While Kate was trying to overcome the trauma of her sister's death, Deacon approaches her and tells her about the prophecy. Kate begins to have demonic visions. Donald is reminded of his earlier life and told how he killed his co-worker. He quickly falls into his old ways and a large number of people start following him.

The movie was released across theaters in the UK in 2007. The DVDs and CDs of the beast movies are available at leading online retailers of the UK like Amazon UK, Woolworths, Foyles and Tesco. Several stores are offering the DVDs and CDs of the movie at attractive deals.

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