Monday, December 17, 2007

How to take care cat at various ages?

You loves pets. Especially, you love cat so much. Cat is a lovely pet, it is always affectionate towards you. Step by step, it becomes a good friend. Cats are the most lovable among all pets. But, though pets are lovable, it is often found that due to sheer ignorance we become unable to take due care of them. We expect them to be our lifelong companion, so we must do the right thing at the right moment in order to look after our cherished pets. This means being aware of some of the needs of the cat or kitten at various ages and stages of development.

When you have a kitten. It seems difficuly. Do not worry! With these information below, you can be easy in taking care kitten. From birth to 16 weeks they are learning their way around. The kittens may be playful and adventurous but some may also be a bit timid and shy. Be aware that they need correct feeding for growth and nutrition and that they are unaware of danger and potential harm. They are small and often playful which means they can get in to all nooks and crannies to come to harm. Watch out for them. From 16 weeks to 1 year the kitten will likely still be very playful and courageous and a handful for their owners! They are still learning their way around in life.

When about six months old, you should consider an operation to neuter the cats. That is, if you are not planning to breed of course. This will protect them from unnecessary attention from other cats and prevent unwanted litters. From 1 to 8 years the young cat is in his or her prime. At this juncture make it a regular habit to be in touch with your veterinarian medical practitioner – he will be able to get to know your pet and detect disease at an early stage. He will also advise on correct vaccination and other health promotion issues. From 8 to 12 years. the pre-geriatric cat may begin to slow down and after it has crossed the age of 12 years it is entering the stage of old age and you should consider starting to take care of the cat in his or her senility.

A cat has changing needs and wants at various ages. By knowing this you can begin to get a feel for the correct way to look after and support you cat.You will meet intial hard problem in cat care at various. However, if you love cat, you will feel easy. And some information above, you can have more knowledge in cat care.

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