Saturday, December 15, 2007

How to Lower Your Minimum Bids With Google AdWords

Why does Google Adwords Want $10 Minimum Bid? This is a question I hear all of the time.

You've spent time and money researching a market, more time and money putting a website together for that market and
your ready to go live. You decide to give Adwords a shot because you've heard so many great things about it. You
sign up and begin creating your account, getting excited with anticipation off all that high quality traffic your
about to get. You put in the keywords and Boom! Google adwords gives you this message "Increase quality or bid to
$10.00 to activate" What is going on here!!?? What a scam.

The thing about Google is they reward relevancy and penalize websites that are irrelevant. Who decides whats
relevant and what's not? Google does based on it's algorithm from Google Bot. I have used $10 minimum bid as an
example, it could be $5 or a $1 minimum bid. Your minimum bid should be cents not dollars.

How do you make Google Bot your friend? Make your website relevant in Google's eyes. This is done by a 3 pronged
attack. First make sure your ad groups are "themed" around 1 keyword with variations.
For instance adgroup name -
Discount Laptops

discount laptops
cheap laptops
affordable laptops
really cheap laptops

By doing this your account is organized into a tightly knit group of keywords that makes it easy for you to write
ads for. When you write your ad Google loves it when you use the keywords in your ad and so do searchers. This is
an essential step in lowering your minimum bids.

Cheap Laptops
Discount laptops to fit
your budget. Free shipping

Google will consider this ad highly relevant to your ad group's keywords. Google will also bold any keyword that
the searcher typed, in your ad. Which will catch your prospect's eye. In the above example if a
searcher typed the keywords 'cheap laptops' all instances of the words cheap and laptops in your ad would appear in

Using the keywords on your landing page

Google and searchers love this also because you are focusing your landing page around the keywords that have been
searched both Google Bot and the searcher will consider this very relevant, provided your supporting content stays
on topic. This technique will increase your Quality Score which in turn will lower your minimum bids.

Lets recap the three pronged attack for lowering your minimum bids.

1. Tightly "themed" ad groups
2. Keywords in ad
3. Keywords used on landing page

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