Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Jabra JX10 Bluetooth Wireless Headset-Technology

By implementing Bluetooth technology a driver can focus more on the road and what is going on around them. Plus while running errands or in the office an individual is able to use their hands while holding important phone conversations. This is great for someone who likes to move around and talk with their hands. One of the most popular Bluetooth designs is the Jabra JX10.

The Jabra JX10 Bluetooth headset is a departure from the normal headsets found in the Jabra line up. Jacob Jensen, known as one of the top Danish designer of made products has added also the JX10 by Jabra to his top-designs. This headset is one of the smallest and lightest Bluetooth headsets available making sure it stands out on the market. This headset is less than a third of an oz or approximately ten grams and is less than one and a half inch long. The Jabra JX10 can be worn on either ear as well as with or without the ear hook and it fits securely either way. The ear hook is easy to switch over and offers a tight secure and comfortable fit for this headset. This headset features DSP technology for automatic volume control which means that no matter where you are you're calls won't be interrupted by the noise from your environment. Noise canceling features, fingertip control adjusts the volume, answers and ends calls with simple and elegant ease.

The Jabra JX10 comes also with a multi colored LED light to let you know the status of your batteries and the status of your headset while charging. This Bluetooth headset also offers one touch pairing in a convenient button to make connecting with a phone simple. While the Jabra JX10 might have less talk time at 6 hours than its competition it out does them in stand by time with an amazing 200 hours.

Another feature that makes this a Bluetooth headset to consider is the fact that it allows for easy charging with a USB port so no matter where you are or if you have forgotten your charger you can easily charge your headset from your computer.

The Jabra JX10 Bluetooth headset is an elegant, simple and streamlined design that offers functionality and looks in a small package. The Jabra JX10 Bluetooth Headset offers the user many benefits. The headset can be easily charged, it features automatic volume control, noise canceling features and can be worn on either ear. Superb comfort and sleek beautiful design are among many additions added by Jacob Jenson to the Jabra JX10 Bluetooth headset. The Jabra JX10 Bluetooth headset truly does come with it all.

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