Saturday, December 15, 2007

How Secure is Your PC Security Software?

The majority of computer and internet users have always been vulnerable to viruses, spyware, and in extreme cases, data and file theft. Though computer technologies continue to evolve at a rapid rate it seems as though the level of internet and computer proficiency remains the same with most users remaining unaware of just how serious security threats to their personal data actually are.

There have always been threats to ones privacy, data, and files while surfing the internet but in this day and age the threats have become not only more abundant but more serious in nature as well. In days past most internet surfers would likely find themselves contending with simple Trojan horses, worms, and little nuisances. In today’s high speed world many of us worry about much more menacing and unscrupulous threats such as viruses and malware that hand our personal information over to those who would use it for their own personal gain and profit.

When we think of Computer Security we often find ourselves thinking about how threats have changed over the years and how most users will find themselves unaware and uneducated about such things. Those of us who are savvy about such things will undoubtedly tell you that good PC Security Software along with continuing education will be the best defense against modern threats while those that are inexperienced about this area will undoubtedly find themselves with PC’s that function with minimal protection and in many cases resources too. Regardless of education and experience users at both ends of the spectrum will want and need a good security application to keep their computers running smooth and free from threats.

One could certainly argue in these times that it is difficult to find not only reputable PC Security Software but software that is comprehensive as well. Mass produced computers are generally come prepackaged with software that offers very little protection against modern day threats. In addition to this, the general populace doesn’t even know that the security software has been included and the few that do, will never figure out how to utilize such tools. For those individuals who build their own machines or are tech savvy, choosing an application for Computer Security is equally as challenging. Savvy users are already aware that many of the popular and mainstream programs only offer partial security and must often be used in conjunction with other programs to have a complete security diagnostic performed. This can be a time consuming process that most users have no patience for but are left with no choice.

Those concerned with threats to their PC and their personal data should consider an alternative to the programs they are currently using. eEye is known throughout the cyber world as a company that produces superior Computer Security applications and continues to grow in popularity as a result of their high end security programs. Upon visiting the eEye website one will find that they are presented with not one but four different types of PC Security Software, so there is something here for every type of user.

First up is Blink Personal Edition. Blink not only delivers the best in endpoint security but will also replace all of the other endpoint programs you’re running. Blink does what all your other programs do but does it in one program, protecting you from all known exploits and zero day attacks! If that’s not enough to get you interested, Blink is available as a free download directly from eEye. Blink is great for the home and for business as it’s the most comprehensive piece of endpoint software you’ll find.

Retina is the next product available from eEye. Retina functions as a network security scanner and identifies all vulnerabilities but also provides risk assessments allowing you to make the best decisions as to how to treat the threat, remove it and modify your security practices.

Iris is eEye’s Network Traffic Analyzer. Iris will help you identify what and where your traffic is coming from and if it’s a threat. Within Iris one will find integrated forensics reporting and packet sniffing which further give you and your network the protection it needs.

Last up in eEye’s arsenal of PC Security Software is SecureIIS. SecureIIS delivers the very best in integrated Windows web server protection and will provide you with high end protection against zero day attacks as well as every other type of exploit.

eEye’s battery of Computer Security applications is indeed impressive and the level of protection they provide is even more so. None of these programs will consume your computers resources as other popular applications do. These will all run quietly and efficiently in the background giving you the security and piece of mind you need. If you’ve never used any of eEye’s security software applications, head over to their website and give them a shot. You owe it to yourself as well as your computer to do so. You can visit them at

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