Friday, December 7, 2007

Target traffic with Affiliate marketing

The working principle of affiliate marketing is simple that deals with sending traffic to a companies website, and the company pays you a commission whenever someone makes a purchase through your link.

Of all affiliate marketing tips; generating traffic is probably the most important topic because without traffic to your affiliate sites there is no way you can make money. There are several useful ways through which you can generate traffic. Let us take glance at some of them. For instance:

1. You can generate targeted traffic with just $5 to your affiliate offers in the next 15 minutes and I bet this little clue is enough for you to understand about what am I speaking of. Obviously it is Google Adwords, the quickest way to generate targeted traffic to your affiliate offers. Google ads are those ads that are seen displayed on the right hand site on most search results on Google. The results displayed on Google display two in number. The main results on the left and the small texts colored blue on the right. Advertisers place those ads on the right and they pay for every click on their ads and if your job is to be placing those kinds of ads then you better go for more details to

2. To generate steady and long-term traffic to your affiliate offers Article Marketing seems to be a great way. It is free and all you need is to write quality articles and submit to article directories. There are some article directories that do not accept affiliate links and to baffle that you need to create a mini website or a blog where you can send your visitors before redirecting them to the merchant’s website or you can purchase a new domain name and redirect to your affiliate link.

3. One of the earliest forms of advertising on the Internet is Ezine Advertising. You can rely upon it for targeted newsletters and advertise your affiliate websites and offers making sure that your ad is powerful. Solo ads seem to work best with Ezine advertising because they are sent solely to list members.

4. Viral Marketing includes writing short reports related to your affiliate products and distribute them for free to your subscribers and to other product owners to use as bonuses not forgetting to include your affiliate links within the contents.

Make sure of the quality of the information in the report to buy people’s appreciation and alternatively you can buy a private label right report and edit it to your satisfaction. Therefore it can be concluded that generating traffic is arguably the most important topic in earning your affiliate commissions.

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