Sunday, December 9, 2007

Quick Tips To Write On Blogs

If you have a new blog or an existing blog, here are some quick tips to help you gather content for your blog.

1.) Always Write About What You Are Passionate About

Why? Because if you are not passionate about what you are writing, people who read your article would know you are trying to pull a fast one by faking the article out. By doing this also, you may face problems answering people's questions if you do not know anything about the topic you are writing about.

The best way to avoid this is either you write the article yourself or you hire a ghost writer to write on your behalf. Do ensure that these ghost writers know how to write and never ever pay them until they have delivered the goods.

2.) The Easiest And Fastest Way To Write Is To Record It

If you have problem in English just like many people online, the easiest way you can go around this is to simply record your own voice and sent it to some one to transcript it for you. You can easily find these services by searching transcript service in Google. It cost about US$1 to US$10 just to transcript a 10 minutes conversion.

Imagine recording a 1 hour conversion about something you are very passionate about, you can actually convert that to a audio product or even a e-book by just outsourcing it and transcript it to a digital book.

3.) Share As Much As You Know About the Topic

Be open always to share as much knowledge as you have to others. Why? Because when you are sincere in your writing, people who read your articles will be able to feel it and will be more willing learn from a sincere person then an unethical person.

If you discover or afraid that people may copy your ideas or sometimes even words, don't be upset. Because in this world there is nothing new that has not been discovered yet, there will always be someone out there better, smarter and faster then you. If people copy your stuff you should be happy about it. What I normally do, I will actually email them to thank them for learning from me and guess what happens a Joint Venture sometimes does occur.

4.) Always Write With A Mind To Help Others

I do see many people write about the topic on making money online, but if you really search through Technorati on the top 100 blogs. There are not many of them that actually talk about it.

Most of the popular blogs I know of, have one thing in common. They write or post with you in mind to help you solve your problems as easy and quickly as possible. The better you are at helping others to solve their problems the more referrals you will get. Sometimes you may can also end featured on the press releases too or getting your article posted on popular blogs. That's free traffic for your blog.

So remember the next time when you post, keep these pointers in mind. That's it from me... I hope you enjoy this article.

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