Sunday, December 23, 2007

Seventeen year old Jon Washington

Seventeen year old Jon Washington is a new and upcoming music producer. This kid has enough potential to be the next Timbaland. He makes his own beats from scratch and sells them. Jon owns his own studio and equipment so whenever you want to make an album, you can record with him on the spot.

The name of his record company is currently called Mystic Valley Records. His beats are already professionally made and he's only 17! Don't let his age get in the way of your decision, he is professional material. Buy his beats and he promises that your album's and/or demo's will be advertised and noticed over major search engines such as google, yahoo and other various websites.To hear his sample beats, go to his page on Sample Beats. You can contact him with the information below. He's a hot new producer from Rochester New York that can and will make your beats blaze!

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