Saturday, December 1, 2007

5.1 mega pixel camera mobile phone

The LG Viewty also known as the LG KU990 has been released and looks like it could be a serious rival for the iPhone. The LG Viewty is a touch screen mobile phone and the screen is very similar to the currently available LG Prada and the iPhone. The unique selling point of the LG Viewty is its 5.1 mega pixel camera, which is much better than the LG Prada and iPhones 2 mega pixel camera.

Samsung also released the G600 which boasts a 5 mega pixel camera, the G600 also comes equipped with its own photo editor which lets you amend your pictures on your mobile phone, like its own built in PhotoShop! LG have now fought back with the Viewty which its 5.1 mega pixel camera with flash, single click uploading to YouTube, electronic image stabilisation, and Photo editing.

The LG Viewty doesn’t just have a better camera spec than the Samsung G600’s, but also features a camera lens made by Schneider Kreuznach who currently make camera lenses for Kodak!

The LG Viewtys video recorder is another impressive feature but it is a little unnecessary. Videos are captured at a remarkable speed of up to 120 frames per second. This is twice as fast as the frame rate of a HDTV!

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