Monday, December 3, 2007

Save Money On Long Distance - 5 Ways

Considering VoIP? Do you make plenty of long distance calls or just a few? Do you spend a fortune no matter what you do to lower your rates? Call after 9pm. Wait until the weekend to share your good news with those across the ocean? Perhaps you even have stopped using the services at all? You can stay connected with those that you love no matter where they are located. Have a look at the following ways to save money on long distance:

1. Do you VoIP? The first thing that you can do is to consider the service known as VoIP. This service uses a technology called voice over internet protocol to allow you to talk over the web instead of talking over your phone lines. The installation of equipment is fairly painless and the fee for the equipment is usually a one time thing. If you have a service provider that provides VoIP in your area, you may want to look into it. Why? No additional long distance fees!

2. Ready for some comparison shopping? You can compare the prices on those long distance companies that offer service within your area. Which have the best rates overall? Which will offer both high quality service and excellent prices? Narrow down your list to a few. Do some more research - check out or some other online reviews.

3. Do you really need long distance? Next on your list of ways to lower your rates is to consider getting rid of any and all of your long distance all together. Many people have found that cell phones are an excellent way to make all the calls that you need to. You'll need to compare how much you use your service and how much it will cost you to use the correct, no roaming cell service. Only keep a land line for emergency reasons.

4. Keep an eye out for deals! Some will use programs such as late night and weekend calling to get the best rates available. Many long distance companies are out there that offer excellent programs. Some allow for you to purchase long distance for only a limited area. Watch for packages and deals that are always coming out.

5. Some offer a flat rate service - Look into the unlimited long distance programs that are available in your area. Many companies are offering a flat rate service. If you make enough calls this is a great way to save money

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