Saturday, December 1, 2007

Link Building

Search engine optimization is far from being called an exact science, its a constantly evolving and changing process, almost every aspect of search engine optimization is influenced and reshaped by the changes search engines make in the there working. A direct consequence of LSI and the way in which Google and Yahoo have reshaped there search engines, has been the way link building has to be carried out today. The basic objective of link building is still to get as many links as you can, however the focus has shifted from plain links, to relevant links. To put it in plain English if your site specializes in selling car parts, there is no way links from construction company will help your link building cause.

Link exchange

The importance of link exchange has waxed and waned over a period of time, some experts believe that link exchange has been undermined by the recent demand of search engines to choose only relevant links, others point out that since, link exchange is completely user controlled, a webmaster can actually choose which sites to exchange links with. All said and done link exchange is still far safer than actually paying for high page rank links. At least in the eyes of search engines link exchange is still considered a far more natural way of search engine optimization. In a nut shell, if you are looking for a link exchange partner, make sure its a website that has some relevance to your site.

To conclude the first thing that must be mentioned here is that, it is virtually impossible to mention the ways in which webmasters and search engine optimizers are working out methods for link building, there are so many conservative and radical methods that one could write a separate book on link building alone (surprisingly there is no such book in the market). What can also be said is that link building like search engine optimization is a rapidly evolving process, and a link that might have worked in the past may not work now.

Smart SEO experts and webmasters have already worked out effective ways of link building by splitting the links across multiple sites and blogs. This ensures that even if a few links are no longer effective, the over all link building exercise is not effected adversely. In conclusion don't have a single plan in my mind, explore all avenues of link building to ensure greater success.
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