Sunday, December 2, 2007

4 Tips To Buying Stuff Online

There are many online products on the internet, but I should share with you guys some pointers of what to take note when you buy something online.

1. Do you really need the product?

First before you buy the product, you need to ask yourself one question. Do I really need that product? If you do not need it do not buy it. If some part of you is telling you to buy it, then stop and think for a second if you buy the product how can it actually help you grow your business.

2. Does the product owner give a refund policy?

If you were to buy any product on the site, make sure they have a refund policy. I bought many things online that are crappy sometimes so refund is good option to have.

3. Does the product owner have testimonials to backup what he says?

When buying a product, make sure the product has testimonials on their sales copy. Most often also you may also encounter some of the testimonials are actually fakes. There are fakes and the only way to check if they are real go and Google their name to see if they do exist online.

4. Check out what bonuses they provide

Most often I would only buy products that give really great bonuses, some cases I decided to buy a product only because of the bonus they giving away. Some of the bonus can be used to give as giveaways to your value customers too for your own business. It will save you lots of time on creating new products to give away.

So here are just 4 things I would look out for when I buy something online but not only can you use these tips for buying stuff you may also use these tips when you creating your sales copy.

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