Saturday, October 6, 2007

Title with Sex is :Better than Without

Recently I have started to notice strange law - it is no matter what content of the post, but the title matters. Even if in my post there are a huge quantity of tips and useful information it is not attracting popularity if heading is mediocre. And the it matters not only for people, but for search engines too.
Therefore I shall paraphrase Google: Content is Queen - Title is King!All we on own skin experienced how it is hard to think up a good advertising title. Happens, that do not do, there is no stone flower, only flourishes are born. And besides it is quite good also to please Google. In such minutes call sex to the aid.
Push an erotic in title in a combination with post subject and there will be happiness to you. :)Here, for example my post about How to Make Money on Adult Blog. In it is not spoken about sex directly, but there is something predicting and this something involves readers very much. Besides, the theme of the post is mentioned.
It seems to me this is an excellent combination.I wish to show you an example from the article of New York Times - “Seems Somebody Is Clicking on That Spam“.Spam messages promoting pornography are 280 times as effective in getting recipients to click on them as messages advertising pharmacy drugs, which are the next most effective type of spam.
The third most successful variety is spam advertising Rolex watches, 0.0075 percent of which get clicked on, according to an analysis by CipherTrust, a large manufacturer of devices that protect networks from spam and viruses.You See? In 280 times! I think it is not required any more reasons. Look how advertisers of Garnier have overdone with flight of an idea using this tactic. It is an advertising of volume muss.One head is obviously not enough for attraction of attention - it would banal photo. :) Sex sold, sells and will sell.

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