Sunday, October 28, 2007

Converting videos to your iPod or Phone

Are you interested in converting videos to your iPod or iPhone? Are you wondering how do you get DVDs onto my iPod or iPhone? What is the iPod or iPhone video format? Are you interested in ripping DVDs onto iPod or iPhone? This article will answer all those questions for you so read bellow.

To idea is to be able to take whatever source you have (DVD or video file) and rip it to an MP4 (mpeg 4) video file at 320 x 240 resolution so it can be played on an iPod or iPhone. The 5G (fifth generation) iPods will not accept video at resolutions higher than 320 x 240 so you usually need to convert your video. A typical DVD movie will take up about 500 to 700 megs when converted.

Users have always been in a need of program that transforms digital video files into an iPod-compatible format. Such applications should work with AVI, MPEG, VOB, WMV, and RM files and support batch conversion. Users should be able to specify the video and sound quality and have the program automatically shut down the computer when it's finished. A good program like that should feature an easy-to-use interface, produce high quality files in a timely manner. The format of iPod and iPhone for video files is MPEG 4 at 320x240

Blow away any previous tools and software you might have installed that you don't need and you think might conflict with getting a good DVD rip. Also blow away any old media files you don't need. This process is fairly heavy on resources so generally the more room you have and the less things that can get in the way, the better.

Winxmedia DVD iPod Video Converter converts DVD to iPod video (MP4 with AAC). It can split large files to multi-volumes according to the mode and size you set. You can preview the video and monitor the converting process. The Winxmedia can process DVD, IFO, and MPG/VOB files. You can select just a part of video/audio to convert according to start time and quantity of frames. The software provides luminace filter and deinterlace filter. You can also select audio track and subtitle to convert. Users can set the resolution of the output video and many other options. The interface is easy to use.

If all seems to have gone well, open iTunes and drag your new video onto your Library or directly onto your iPod or iPhone.

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