Thursday, October 18, 2007

Comedy: the only thing that works

At present there is only one thing that works in Bollywood - comedy. Anything else falls flat (Chak De India is a glowing exception).

After a spate of shocking failures, the industry has just received the much-needed CPR in the form of Priyadarshan (master of comedy) and his story (actually a remake) of four boys, a girl and a drum.

Pretty thin lines for a story to move along but trust Priyan to get the execution right. The common man feels that there are enough laughs to pay for and the industry is only too happy to acknowledge.

But the trend is quite surprising, if not alarming, with even well-made serious subjects, thrillers and action movies failing to cut any sort of ice at the box office. Even the big production houses are bearing the brunt of this trend. Remember the reports on Adlabs reportedly phasing out of movie production after continuously nailing shockers at the box office? Whether the trend is for real or just a passing phase will become clear with two big budget serious movies releasing. The Rani Mukherjee-starrer Lagaa Chunari Mein Daag and Saawariya. If Bhool Bhulaiya (another trademark Priyadarshan product) wins this battle hands down too then the Bollywood bosses will have to seriously sit down and think. Are comedies the only way to make money?

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