Monday, October 22, 2007

“The Beauty Myth” by Naomi Wolf

Modern women are free and independent and the objectification of women is no modern phenomenon. Women were always against the image of decorative objects as they are allocated. There is a famous book “The Beauty Myth” by Naomi Wolf. In this book she explains why women are treated this way. She says that women’s obligation to a diet and doing make up is something that society prescribed to her. This society assigns significance to women in the vertical hierarchy according to culturally set physical model. Men always think that women are so interested in their appearance, that they have no time for other problems. As long as women are conscious about their bodies and their shortages, their self-esteem is weak and they have no desire to think over politics or any other global problems.
In the media there are a lot of works, which try to demoralize women’s identity. They try to dissect, decorate and attract attention only to the body of women. Many people still stick to the point that women can only be regarded as object of beauty and sexuality. By dividing the whole person into parts such as hands, legs and breast in advertisements, women not only see themselves as sexual objects, but they are coerced into the degrading recognition with their interiorized bodies. This is some type of link between the beauty and clearly sexuality, invading the mainstream to weaken women’s new and defenseless sense of sense worth. This linkage means that without idealized body type, women are not supposed to be sexy and desirable. As a result, one can say that in any case women are always connected with their sexuality and beauty and the movement of feminism gave them certain rights but it did not deliver them from their main physical features and sexuality.

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