Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Computer Association of Nepal (CAN)

Computer Association of Nepal (CAN) was established in December 1992 as an autonomous, non political, non partisan, non-profitable and service oriented organization. The Computer Association has been formed with the involvement of professionals, specialists, manufacturers, institutions and the related organization of Computer and Information Technology within the country.


To assist in the utilization, enhancement and promotion of computers and information technology within the country and help to develop strategies to meet the necessary requirements for the development of literacy and skills regarding computer science.
To provide and protect the necessary rights and privileges, benefits to individuals, institutions, companies and organizations affiliated to the activities of CAN.
To provide support and facilities to all general, corporate and honorary members of CAN.


To assist in the institutional development of Computer Technology.
To assist and develop the synchronization and standardization in the field of computer training and education.
To develop coordination among computer professionals with their services.
To organize and conduct seminars, workshops, talk and training programmes and to provide consultancy and R & D services.
To exchange knowledge, skill and technology in the field of Computer and information technology with similar types of organizations within and outside the country.
To assist in the field of technology transfer, export, import and formulation of national policies.

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