Thursday, October 18, 2007

Kaplan University

The Right Philosophy, the Right Knowledge, the Right Online Degree Program

As an accredited University, our online degree programs feature a real-world philosophy and the belief that the right knowledge provides you with the freedom to grow, to achieve your goals, and to help you excel in your profession and in your life.

Kaplan University is a school of higher education like no other. It’s where you’ll find a world of knowledge, the right knowledge, that’s meaningful in your daily life. When you’re educated at Kaplan University, you don’t just learn to memorize by rote, you learn what you won’t learn anywhere else ... how to educate yourself ... how to make the world work for you.

To learn more about our online degree programs, please call us or click Chat Live to speak with one of our Advisors. Or choose an area of study from the menu above and learn why a Kaplan education is knowledge for a professional life.

Premier Education Provider
Since 1937, we’ve built a long and distinguished tradition as both an academic pioneer and career-maker. We’re part of Kaplan Higher Education, a premier education provider, with more than 70 campus-based schools in 22 states. Unique to our education family are some of the highest ranked programs in the world. Kaplan is the world leader in test preparation and has helped more than 3 million students prepare to take the tests necessary to achieve their education and career goals. The Kaplan Professional companies provide certification training developed for adult learners who are juggling the demands of home, family, and busy careers.

Through these programs Kaplan offers an array of educational tools from on-site classroom training and correspondence, to online and software distance education. In addition, Kaplan provides private tutoring and admissions consulting services. The benefit for you is an outstanding education from one of the world’s finest providers of higher education.

Dedicated Advisors
While you won’t find traditional classrooms, you will find a dedication to providing you with the personal attention and academic support you may need. One of the many things that make Kaplan University unique is that every student has access to dedicated Advisors who are available to you from the moment you start the application process through your graduation. Additionally, degree candidates work with Advisors and faculty mentors to explore and discuss professional opportunities. We understand that having support when you need it only increases your odds of being successful. When you’re educated at Kaplan University, your success is our goal too.

Educators With Real-World Knowledge
With Kaplan University online, we have no boundaries and aren’t limited geographically to who we recruit. This enables us to recruit leading educators and practicing business professionals from anywhere in the country. This ensures that you are taught by experts who have access to the most current knowledge and skills ... a world of knowledge that’s meaningful in your day-to-day life.

Innovative Learning Techniques
The flexibility and dynamic interaction of the Internet allows for many innovative learning opportunities. Some highlights you’ll experience include:

• Interactive Seminars: Students participate in interactive seminar sessions with their classmates and educators. The seminars help create a significant and enriching exchange within students' online learning experience.

• Online Quizzes: Many classes have a quiz at the end of each lesson, which provides you with instant feedback on what you’ve learned.

• One-on-one teacher/student feedback.

• Discussion Boards: Each week’s unit includes interaction between students and their instructors on our discussion boards. This provides you the chance to expand your learning through discussions or get advice from a professor or class peers.

• Web Field Trips: Students conduct research using various Internet research sites and are asked to take notes in their online learning journals for later discussion.

A Vast Library of Resources
Kaplan University offers its students a full complement of library services through LexisNexis and the fully appointed UAH Salmon Library at the University of Alabama in Huntsville, Alabama. Here you’ll find a collection of 325,000 volumes along with collections of U.S. government documents, materials in microform and microfiche, and manuscript collections. The library currently receives over 20,000 serials and periodicals.

The library’s vast catalog is available online, and you can easily access a description of any item in the collection. Library books are delivered physically to borrowers; articles and excerpts can be scanned and delivered electronically. The library also offers access to 13,000 e-journals

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