Monday, January 21, 2008

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1) What exactly is Google Adsense?
GoogleAdsense is a medium which helps Advertisers all over the world to promote their Business & Products in the Online Internet Market throughout the world. Today Online Internet Marketing is the toughest Business on Earth. Using Internet Marketing one can reach to any customer in any part of the world. But there is a long ‘Q’ of Advertisers & each wants that there Ad should come first in the Online Market.
The Only way to reach customers is to put Ads in any of the search Engine like Google. Yahoo, Alta-Vista, MSN etc. Today Google is the world’s No.1 search engine. Daily Millions, trillions of Advertisers from all over the world use Google search engine to promote their Business & Products.
So GoogleAdsense are in a contract with Google in promoting the Ad’s of their Advertisers. Read on...

(2) What is the role of Google, GoogleAdsesne and we the customer? How everyone is benefited from it?
As Google is the main search engine for any type of details. Google search engine is filled with millions of Ad’s on every topic. Whenever a visitor search something on Google site millions of search results displays [you can check at]. Now the main part is whenever a visitor clicks any Ad & surf it for around 3-5 minutes, the advertiser of that Ad is charged some amount & that amount goes directly in to Google’s Pocket. It means Google’s get payment only when somebody clicks the Ad.

Now Google has given a big opportunity for everyone & anywhere in the world to earn the same amount from the Advertiser. Because now its not possible for Google to display trillions of Ad’s at a time, although each Ad is a bucket full of money. But Google can’t take it unless someone clicks the Ad. So here that money is getting wasted in front of Google’s eye which Google don't want.

So here Google is taking help from us, by displaying these Ad’s on our websites, rest of the game is simple visitor visits your website, where Ads are displayed by Google, when they click on it, Google will get money from those Advertisers. Now this all happened or took place just because of your website, means you are helping Google in Promoting the Ad’s. Google will not make you upset, for every Ad that is clicked on your website Google will pay your commission for that click which ranges from $0.5 to $100 .

GoogleAdsense ROLE: - GoogleAdsense s Google System plays a vital role between you & Google. To get started with Google is not an easy task. One should have the following things: (1) A personal website, (2) Knowledge and Idea to create webpage with html code and JavaScript’s, (3) Credit Card, (4) Foreign Currency Exchange.

In short GoogleAdsense sets the platform for you; just you have to collect money as much as you can. No one will stop you.

(3) Who else can start? Is there any age limit?
Anyone can start with or without basic knowledge of Internet surfing & English. There is no Age limit.

(4) Yes! Wow that’s quite interesting tell me how to get started with GoogleAdsenses Google System?
Good! To get started is very simple, as shown in the GoogleJunction Plan chart:GoogleAdsense offer’s you unlimited Benefits under one roof.

(5) Why should I pay the registration fees?
GoogleJunction takes Non-Refundable Registration Fees for providing you a website + free designing idea of your website for whole life + loading of unlimited interesting articles + daily account maintenance if needed + making your transaction in USD/Indian currency.

(6) What does this no. of pages in website indicate?
Here more the no. of pages in your website more Ad’s will be there and similarly more Ads’ will be clicked & more money will be added in to your account.

(7) What will be the content of my webpages? Who's going to put these details?
We Normally put the best topics on your website which drags more customer. At present on internet thousands of interesting topics are there which attracts people to read. If you want you can put your own topics and contents. Just mail us 10 Topics each with good content.

(8) After getting my website with all Ad’s on it what will be my job?
As soon as you make the registration fees within 1 working days we’ll create your website & Give you the Trainings with full designing & complete Ad’s on it. We’ll create the full money making platform for you. Now you can start making money 24hrs a day. All you have to do is to have as much clicks as you can on your website Ads.

(9) How can I have clicks on my website? Can I click my own Ads?
Simply clicking your own Ad’s will not make any sense. As I said earlier that these Advertiser pay money only when there Ad’s gets a genuine click. So you should give genuine clicks to the Advertiser. We're giving you some exclusive never before software using which you can make self clicking also.

(10) How to get more no. of clicks on my Website?
Dear Friend, the thing is very simple, more clicks will give more money. Now the thing is how to get more no. of clicks every hour without any hard work. After getting registered with us, you'll be getting One Software using which within minutes you can put details of your website on more than 107+ search Engines, & within hours clickings will start on your website, as people from every part of world will visit your website.

Remember you will also get paid the no. of times your webpage is viewed, even if Ads are not clicked.

Apart from that Software, we will also teach you other techniques given in our members area.

(11) What if my Website Ads are clicked than once?
As it has been mentioned that this is a 100% genuine business & you are working for worlds top rated company. Google pays is 100% sure until & unless you go as per their conditions. Google is having very hi-tech technology and server that can easily detect if somebody is cheating Google. Google only wants is a genuine click from your website that's all, if you maintain that than there won’t be any problem in generating 1000’s of rupees daily.

Now what is this Genuine Click: Every one wants to earn more & more, which can be easily done by clicking Ad’s. But here if you only go on clicking your website Ad’s than you won’t be earning that much money. Because what happens when you click any Ad on your website your computers IP Address (for ex. gets registered with Google & you can’t change your computers IP Address, So when you repeatedly clicks Ad’s from the same computer same IP Address will get registered again and again and Google will come to know that here Ads are been clicked purposely to generate money.

But if you want to click your own Ad you can, by using our software (will tell you later), or else you can click Ad from a different Computer. Actually what happens when click is made from a different PC a new IP Address gets registered with Google and instead of NRs.32/- or $ .5 you will get NRs.240/-.or $ 3. Even if any visitor visits your website and don’t do any clicking than also you will get paid, because that Ad has been viewed by someone.

(12) Can I click Ad’s on my website from other computers?
Yes, you can if same Ad is clicked from a different computer it will be counted as a genuine one and you’ll get the money in your account.

(13) What if somebody else visits my website from a different place & clicks the Ad’s?
There is no problem, & it’s very good, the more the Ad’s are clicked on your website by any one & from any part of the world; amount will come to you only. For more details read topic: MULTIPLE EARNING.

(14) Can I ask my friends, relatives, colleagues to visit my website and click Ad?
Yes of course you can as I said earlier more the Ad’s are clicked on your website more will be your earning, let the Ad is clicked by anyone.
You can even earn NRs.16,000/- or $ 213 in a single day.

(15) How much money will I get paid for every Ad clicked on my website?
The amount per click is fixed by the Advertiser. The more the advertiser put money the more their Ad will be displayed. Some Advertiser’s put Ad ranging from NRs.8 to NRs.800+. or $ 10 to $ 10.66.

(16) Do I need Email Id? [ It’s free for members ]
Yes, you need one email Id which you can get free . It is for delivering you with immediate daily result & income details and to avoid Bulk & junk mails from other parties. You can also use that free Email Address for your personal use too.

(17) I liked this business very much, & like to earn more & more. Just give me a brief outline about my monthly income & different ways to get more click?
Dear customer there are unlimited ways to earn money, your monthly income totally depends upon the no. of Ad's clicked / viewed on your website. To make your earning fast and easy we give you a complete package containing step by step instruction along with Google Top Secret Books which tells you every secret of your Web Ads.

We will also give you a list of more than 300 Free Classified Websites where you can put your Website details. Other ways to increase no. of clicks is to advertise your website in newspapers, internet, through emails, web marketing we will teach you every detail.

As your website will be having details of thousands of articles which will attract visitors. You can put a small Ad in newspapers stating that “Free money making details available” or “Join GoogleAdsenses Google System” or “Free Jobs” or etc., as per your wish. By doing this you’ll get thousands of visitors on your site. Now here don’t think that you wont get so many visitors you’ll get, because for ex. if you put Ad in times America, Millions of people read newspaper across America, & when they see your website atleast once they will visit. So just imagine on an average if 1000 people visits your website & from that atleast 800 people clicks that too one Ad each than in a single day your website will have 800 Ad clicks that too all genuine clicks.

Here if you see than you didn't even click a single Ad, no hard work from your side & no internet charges, even if you are on vacation your website will be generating money for you day and night. After putting 3 -4 Ads in news paper your website will be automatically become popular and start moving from one person to other.

Now lets Calculate your earning:
Total Ad clicked 800 x NRs.80/- ( *Average Amount As all Ads will be considered as genuine one because of different IP Address)
Total Amount Generated = 64,000/- (that too in 24hrs.) - NRs.420/- ( Advt. expense depends on newspaper)
Gross Amount Generated = NRs.63520/-
Drawbacks = No Drawbacks all clicks will be considered as Genuine Clicks & 100% no chance of getting your account disabled.
Benefits: Here there will be no hard work from your side, no internet charges, monthly income will be 10 times more . After all, everything is in your hand, we just gave you the techniques on how to generate more money.

(18) How I’m going to get my monthly payment?
Yes ,You Will be paid from the Merchants Monthly/When the Payout Limit reach.

(19) Where can I check my daily amount generated details?
After getting registered with us, we’ll give you a username and password, using it you can check your details + your hourly amount generated in Google Ad's.

(20) What are the other benefits do I get from Adsenses Google System?
Daily Account maintenance, customer support over phone and mail. For full one year you can put article of your choice on the webpage’s allotted to you on your website.


Apart from what you earn from your daily income. You can’t even imagine that if alone working on your website you are earning NRs.1600/- daily, this NRs.1,600/- can be NRs.16,000/- daily. Thing is very simple this is called Multiple Earning Opportunity, here suppose 100 people are visiting your website daily from different places whether in Nepal or Abroad, and if each of them click at least 10 Ad’s than daily your website will be Generating mind blowing income of 6 to 7 figure. What you have to do is just publicize your website among friends, relatives, colleagues. You can even put Ad in newspaper that free money making ideas are available on your website. And when new people visit your website they will start clicking Ad’s displayed by Google on your Website. Your websites will be clicked from every part of the world. And daily you’ll be surprise of the income you receive. The bottom line of this program run on a simple thing, the more the Ad’s are clicked more will be your income

(21) Will Google Adsense s Google System going to help us in publicizing our website to earn from Multiple Earning Opportunity as mentioned? How?
Yes, GoogleAdsense s Google System will help you, by providing you some Money Making Software’s & E-Books + Google Book + Ad Software [for advertising your website free of cost in more than 107 Top class websites] +List of 300 Free classified Websites where you can put your Ads free of cost.

(22) Is the business a genuine one? Will I am going to get my payment in time?
Yes of course its genuine one, no doubt about it. Here you are working for Google world’s No.1 website for search. .. There won’t be any problem in payment; you’ll get the payment in time. We give 100% surety about it.

The Business is very legal, because it helps everyone in the market. The Advertisers are happy because their Ad’s are being viewed by millions of Viewers across the world. Google gets their money from Advertiser’s for their support & atlast we get our commission from Google for our work. This is not like any network marketing or MLM type work, here you get paid for your hard work.

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