Tuesday, January 15, 2008

building a high profile list

Your sales figures on the eBay website may look promising; however, you have not been able to make huge profits as you had planned. If you are struggling to increase your income and hoping that your customers return to you repeatedly for more business, it's about time that you built a solid list for repeat business.

A list, a mailing list to be more precise, is crucial for the success of every Internet business. Just the way you want your customers to return to you, customers also love to be associated with a particular dealer as long as they are satisfied with the quality and service. It therefore largely depends on how sensitively you handle customer relations. Every customer who has purchased a product from you earlier is likely to return back wanting for more provided that you make the best offer. Thus, once you add a customer in your mailing list, there is a strong probability that he will buy from you again.

A tried and tested formula of increasing your list of potential customers is to find ebooks that offer resale rights from various sites and list them on eBay. You can get these books for free or against a membership free. Although you won't earn much, as you would be selling them at really low prices, you can still persuade buyers to subscribe to your newsletter. You can thus add them to your mailing list and increase your list of potential customers.

This is how it works ….

You need to offer free bonuses to every visitor who's inclined to subscribe to your newsletter. Thus, when a buyer purchases an ebook from you, drop them a mail that includes the download link. Also tell them how they can receive further free bonuses for which you need to add the link that takes them to your main site that has the "opt in create" option. After all, who doesn't like to receive freebies by merely filling out a simple online form?

When you decide the sale price of your ebook, it's imperative that it covers related eBay fees. At the same time, it's also crucial that your price is minimal in order to boost subscription. If this means losing a bit on every sale, so be it! If you have a top-quality newsletter that your subscribers are too happy to receive, am sure a little loss won't harm you. In the long run, these minor losses may open the gates for huge profits.

One way of building a mailing list as well as increase you income is to send out broadcasts of various affiliate products that you are currently promoting and earn a handsome commission for the same. This can boost your relationship with your customers, as they would be more than happy to receive timely information and would immensely appreciate your efforts.

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