Sunday, November 23, 2008

Optimization for Profit for blogger

Examine a regular link. A link is nothing more than a piece of text. It is what appears in your address bar at the top of the browser you are using right now or you can visit It can also be an image that links to your blog but, for our example, we are using text.

Some of the factors that matter most are:

1) the website location which the link takes you to.

2) The actual text of the link. What does the link tell the Search Engines?

3) The PageRank of the page on which the link takes a Search Engine to.

For learning purposes you need to understand this information.

You naturally want the link to take the Search Engines to your blog but to which page of your blog? Do you want to link to an individual post or to your blog home page?

Since your blog should be a constantly updated website, it is always wise to point to your main page instead of individual posts because individual posts tend to be very time-sensitive.

One of my blogs, on News and Commentary, is a good example of this. Usually posts are outdated within hours or days of posting. The Search Engines will still list some of your posts based on the keywords. Remember Part 2 of this series? If you have not read the earlier parts of this series, click the link in the Author Box below.

Remember this: Page Rank is only a side effect of our real goal which is to get people onto your blog. People do not search according to Page Rank they search with keywords they type into the search box. If your keywords are poorly thought out you will not rank at all.

Your new blog will start out with no PageRank at all. Once the search engine robots find your blog, through links on other sites, or through articles you post in Article Directories (see Part 4 of this series), your blog will start gaining PageRank . Then, depending on the PageRank (keywords) of the referring page, your blog PageRank will climb even more. The referring page is the website/blog that is linking back to your blog. Search engines will find your link on their referring page and follow it back to your blog. Simple, eh?

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