Sunday, November 16, 2008

Link Exchange Tips

First, you should know there are two basic types of link exchange - normal and triangular. For example, if site A links to site B and site B back to site A, it is normal link exchange. This technique is very easy to handle (you do not need to run any additional website) and still very popular. In last years, many webmasters started to use triangular link exchange. It means that site A links to site B and site B ldoes not link back to site A but to site C. The reason why some site owners prefer this way is the fact google can recognize exchanged links and gives them lower value.

When you decide which type of link exchange are you going to use you should create a page where you will place partners links. This page should be one or max. 2 clicks from your home page. When you create it, you should start to google for websites related to yours.

When you find some site where you want to have your link, follow these steps:
1. Link to other site from your link page first. Sometimes you will find HTML code with the anchor text and description on partners website.
2. Send an email to website owner with the location of his link. Explain why do you like his website and that both of you will profit from the link exchange.
3. If the site owner put your link online store the URL in excel sheet. Later you will need to check if your link exists on the partner site.
4. In case you will get no response in one or two weeks try to send friendly reminder. It may happen the other party is very busy but still want to accept your offer.
5. If the site owner does not respond simply remove the link.
6. Repeat steps 1 - 5.

Contacting other webmasters is only one of possible ways how to run link exchange. You can also let others to contact you. How to do that?
1. Put on your link page HTML code which you want others to use on their websites.
2. Advertise this page on webmaster forums (if allowed by forum rules).
3. People will come to your website, link first to you and then ask you for linking back.


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