Sunday, September 30, 2007

Tips for Website Designing

The principles of website design are deep rooted and are much more involved in the development, than just mere aesthetics. A web site should be very easy to find, and should be visible to its prospective visitors looking for content hosted on such sites.Web design principles usually involve a lot of text and graphics. Although aesthetically pleasing a web site should not be “graphic-heavy” or just “heavy”, that it takes a lot of time to load.

The visitors to the website reside in geographically diverse environments, while some of them have high speed broad band internet access, others might not be that lucky. This should be kept in mind from the starting stages of web site design.Normally, the first page the visitors look at, on your website, is called the home page. The home page should give a precise, short and crisp description of what your web site is all about, at the same time offering a user interface which is minimalist and is completely user-friendly.

The home page can mimic a presentation also, achieved using what is known as a splash page, the presentation may include information like disclaimer, terms of use of your web site and resources or services rendered through it. Web pages along with the home page make up the entire web site. Leaving the home page, every other web page should cater to a single topic, what ever that might be, it should start with the topic that it was meant for and wander of into the content that was suppose to be a topic elsewhere on some other web page.

While writing content for such web sites, the web master should always keep in mind that the visitors attention span is short, due to vast information available out there, which resembles yours. You should offer unique, crisp and fresh content that can anchor the visitor to your web page or web site.

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